AARP Study on Effective Care Coordination for Medicaid Patients…

The Community Care Alliance of Illinois (CCAI) indication was featured in an AARP Public Policy Institute investigate expelled Jul 2015. The news discusses a characteristics of caring models among people receiving Medicaid long-term services and supports.

The investigate privately highlighted a integrated caring indication – Anchor Home – of CCAI, that encompasses a whole Member life:

  • Medical (general health assessment)
  • Functional (e.g. mobility, activities of daily living, memory, problem solving)
  • Environmental (housing, community, transportation)
  • Financial (basic and medical needs)
  • Social Support (friends, family, amicable groups)
  • Psychological (stress management, mental illness) health, amicable and contentment

While a investigate does not make any specific indication recommendations, it does contend a caring coordinator is vicious to patients’ long-term health, wellbeing and independence. The investigate information was initial collected summer of 2014 and CCAI is operative with AARP to refurbish a data.

CCAI employs disability-competent, interdisciplinary-care teams to conduct any Member’s care, including a primary-care medicine and helper practitioner, a purebred helper caring coordinator accessible 24/7, a long-term services and supports coordinator, medical specialists and reconstruction services. CCAI also engages Peer Navigators, people with disabilities themselves who know a hurdles faced by their peers and can offer solutions that assistance grasp larger autonomy and peculiarity of life.

The AARP news facilities in-depth box studies of caring coordination models in recently implemented Medicaid managed long-term caring and supports programs in Illinois and Ohio. The Anchor Home Model, 6 of that are in a Chicago area and dual in a Rockford area, was privately highlighted.

“CCAI is focused exclusively on portion people with disabilities and comparison people, as reflected in a mission: The Community Care Alliance of Illinois is a health devise dedicated to consumer-directed, community-based innovative health services specializing in a caring of seniors and people with disabilities,” a investigate described.

CCAI is a wholly-owned auxiliary of a not-for-profit Family Health Network (FHN), a provider-sponsored HMO that has been portion a Illinois Medicaid race for 20 years. The health devise was shaped by a organisation of endangered parties committed to improving a approach health caring is managed and supposing to people with disabilities, including Access Living, an Independent Living Center for people with disabilities, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Schwab Rehabilitation Center, a Health and Policy Research Group, and FHN.

For some-more information on a CCAI innovative Model of Care and services, greatfully revisit Follow CCAI on YouTube during to learn some-more and hear what Members have to contend about their practice with CCAI.



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