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The taxation penalty, that due with your sovereign income tax, has increasing for not carrying health word in 2016.

Although Open Enrollment Period continues thru Jan 31, 2016, it serves as a final event to enroll for 2016 health word coverage but carrying a Special Qualifying Event.

The ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions ( organisation of protected approved health word agents are accessible in person, over a phone, and to discuss on-line to yield giveaway enrollment assistance, secure health coverage and equivocate taxation penalties.

“It is startling that many people do not comprehend that time is fast running-out to enroll for their 2016 health devise in sequence to equivocate a large fine,” began Bob Dial, Chief Compliance Officer,

Working with an protected health word agents is fitting for a consumer. First, during no assign to a consumer, they can implement a years of health word believe and extensive believe of all aspects of a Affordable Care Act. Second, offers a accumulation of health word skeleton that accommodate Affordable Care Act mandate by a different organisation of top-rated word companies. And third, a lerned agents will establish a funding eligibility that might assistance cover some of a cost of a individual’s insurance!

Dial added, “The taxation chastisement has increasing for not carrying health word in 2016. The price from not carrying health coverage is distributed in one of dual ways. If we or your dependents don’t have word that qualifies as smallest essential coverage in 2016, afterwards we will compensate a aloft volume of these dual amounts,”:

  •         2.5% of yearly domicile income. (Only a volume of income above a tax-filing threshold, about $10,000 for an individual, is used to calculate a penalty. (The limit chastisement is a inhabitant normal reward for a bronze plan.
  •      $695 per chairman for a year. ($347.50 per child underneath age 18). The limit chastisement per family regulating this routine is $2085.
  •      The price is due on a sovereign income taxation lapse filed for any year but coverage.

According to a US Department of Health and Human Services (1), 78% of Illinois consumers who performed health word competent for an normal taxation credit of $208 per month by a Marketplace. Additionally, 49% of Illinois Marketplace enrollees performed coverage for $100 or reduction after any germane taxation credits. Dial added, “These statistics illustrate how affordable receiving health word is for Illinoisans. Enrolling now during a Open Enrollment Period ensures a consumer will not be theme to a dear penalties for not receiving competent health insurance.”

Call (800) 342-0631 to pronounce to a live health word representative or revisit to finish your 2016 Health Plan enrollment. Walk-ins are acquire during’s categorical enrollment core located during 6640 S. Cicero, Bedford Park, Illinois, that is one mile south of Midway Airport.




ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions ( is a inhabitant enrollment organisation specializing in a Health Insurance Marketplace and a Senior Product Market. ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions is not dependent with any bureaucratic agency. We work with consumers to establish their funding eligibility, examination advantages and skeleton that will accommodate their medical needs and get them enrolled for coverage. We offer opportunities for producers to have entrance to a carriers on a inhabitant level. Our Call Center is staffed with multi-lingual and protected health word agents who also are approved on a exchange. The company’s website and a Call Center staff are accessible to support enrollees by a whole enrollment process. Go to or hit 1-800-342-0631 for some-more information.

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