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Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar, M.D. will benefaction his paper entitled “Early Evaluation of Value-Based Ambulatory Endoscopic Spine Surgery” during a International 34th ISMISS Course for Percutaneous Endoscopic Spinal Surgery and Complementary Minimal Invasive Techniques being hold Jan 21 – 23, 2016 in Chongquing, China. The International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery (ISMISS) binds their annual discussion in Chongquing, China any year. ISMISS focuses on a fields of minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgeries. The idea of a multitude is to coordinate enlightening training activities and general exchanges with other pioneering physicians and surgeons.

Dr. Sherlekar, a first member of American Spine, will again be presenting formula of an ongoing investigate evaluating outpatient endoscopic and minimally invasive spinal surgery. He will be presenting formula that include: a) spine medicine during any turn (neck, midst and reduce spine) can be achieved in a outpatient surgical center; b) patients can all be liberated to home on a day of surgery; c) there is really high turn of post-operative pain control; d) no increasing infection risk; e) while costing approximately one third a cost of medicine finished in a sanatorium setting.

Dr. Sherlekar has lerned in percutaneous and endoscopic spine medicine underneath universe eminent spine surgeon, Dr. Thomas Hoogland of a Alpha Klinic in Munich, Germany and brotherhood lerned in modernized spinal surgical technique grown by Wooridul Hospital in Soul, Korea and is brotherhood lerned in pain government during Harvard Medical School. He is dedicated to training and compelling percutaneous and endoscopic discectomy / foraminotomy, and a use innovative minimally invasive technologies to provide ongoing pain of a spine. His joining to assisting patients learn alternatives to normal open / invasive surgeries, like laminectomy and spinal fusion, has led him to co-found American Spine, a use dedicated to slightest invasive spinal treatments.

Dr. Sherlekar and American Spine are now usurpation referrals and new patients for both surgical and pain government appointments. To report an appointment during any of the offices, call #240.629.3939 or revisit the website during for some-more information.

Or for personal attention, greatfully hit Laurie Pantezzi of American Spine, 301.471.4795 or laurie(at)americanspinemd(dot)com.

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