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America’s Mortgage Institute

“The Mortgage Master™ Program offers game-like hurdles and personalized technology, powered by a Morf Playbook, to assistance banks and lenders yield new sinecure training and accelerate career success as never before possible.”

A vicious necessity of gifted residential loan officers is promulgation bankers behind to college—to partisan and rise new talent among Millennials. As baby-boomer lending officers start to retire, bank executives are relocating quick to fill thousands of positions critical to a fad of residential debt loans.

Morf Media Inc. and America’s Mortgage Institute (AMI) currently announced they are assisting recruiters and banking managers attract, sight and yield career trail expansion for new loan officer recruits with an innovative module for use on mobile devices, powered by a Morf Playbook™ talent expansion and training platform. The partners are debuting a Mortgage Master™ Program, a extensive introduction to a debt attention designed for new career entrants distinct any other module on a market, both on-line and as an App.

“Perhaps a biggest beneficiaries of a loan officer necessity are college grads, with earning intensity starting during $50,000 to $60,000 a year with an opinion of some-more than $100,000 as they pierce adult a banking career ladder,” pronounced Ginger Bell, SVP e-Learning during Morf Media Inc. “But we know that Millennials wish earning energy and a suggestive career trail joined with record creation to stay on tip of their game. That’s because we’ve partnered with America’s Mortgage Institute to energy training with innovation. Plus a module keeps seasoned professionals adult to date on a best practices for behaving during their best in a extreme marketplace for tip talent.”

Banks are aggressively recruiting on college campuses, seeking to attract new immature talent into a contention that has a clever concentration on assembly a home shopping criteria of a vast Millennial generation.

“Millennials trust a feedback and services of their peers some-more than any other generation,” pronounced Andrea Gagliardi, AMI’s Director. “The Mortgage Master™ Program offers game-like hurdles and personalized technology, powered by a Morf Playbook, to assistance banks and lenders yield new sinecure training and accelerate career success as never before possible.”

The Mortgage Master™ Program, delivered on-line and as an App, provides approximately 50 hours of engaging, ominous training and care element that includes debt terminology, loan products, ethics, sales techniques and more. It provides a elemental mechanics critical to each debt loan originator, including debt math, prequalification, loan module discipline and correspondence as it pertains to debt originations.

Developed by attention experts, Mortgage Master™ utilizes unique, active training strategies on a state-of-the-art Morf Playbook gamification height with text-to-voice record to keep learners intent and eager about a content. It fills a decisive need for elemental preparation to offer as a bottom for pre-licensing education, whet skills of existent loan originators and raise stream proficiencies of even seasoned loan originators.

“Millennials we accommodate on campus tell us that us they are roughly impressed with a intensity of entering into a remunerative high expansion and suggestive contention of that they have hardly hear of in college,” pronounced a Mortgage Master™ customer. “The Mortgage Master™ Program saves profitable training time, event costs and formula in a knowledgeable, efficient begetter prepared to start producing from day one. We’re vehement to broach training that’s amicable and mobile on Morf Playbook, with an App designed for Loan Officer training and career mastery. ”

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