Anthony S. Barth Appointed President and CEO of Delta Dental of…

Delta Dental of California and a dependent companies announced currently a appointment of Anthony S. Barth as boss and arch executive officer.

Effective Jan 1, Barth takes over care of a nation’s largest dental advantages administrator, with some-more than 33 million subscribers in 15 states and a District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and a Virgin Islands, and some-more than $8 billion in revenues. He succeeds Gary D. Radine as boss and CEO, who late on Dec 31.

Barth becomes Delta Dental of California’s fifth CEO over a final 60 years and will be formed out of a company’s San Francisco headquarters. Named as arch handling officer and executive clamp boss in 2001, he also served a past year as corner boss with Radine. Previous positions embody boss and CEO of affiliates Delta Dental Insurance Company and PMI Dental Health Plan, that joined with Delta Dental of California in 2007.

A connoisseur in business administration from California State University-Northridge, Barth is a approved open accountant in California. Prior to fasten a Delta Dental complement in 1988, he worked with a vital accounting organisation and a advantages consulting practice.

Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental of New York, Inc., Delta Dental of Pennsylvania and Delta Dental Insurance Company, along with their dependent companies, together yield dental advantages to 33 million people. All are partial of a Delta Dental Plans Association, whose member companies collectively cover some-more than 68 million people nationwide.


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