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Four Interactive Learning Modules Update Health Care Providers on Recommendations for Preventing and Treating Influenza in Children

ArcheMedX and a American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announce a launch of an online preparation procedure to refurbish pediatricians on influenza impediment and diagnosis guidance. The 2015-16 Influenza Prevention Program, that is accessible to a 64,000 members of a AAP, includes updated recommendations for slight use of anniversary influenza vaccine and antiviral drugs for a impediment and diagnosis of influenza in children. It also reaffirms AAP support for imperative influenza vaccination for all health caring workers nationwide.

The preparation procedure includes 4 interactive training modules, powered by a ArcheViewer, that prominence pivotal recommendations from a AAP influenza process statements, “Recommendation for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2015-2016” and “Influenza Immunization for All Health Care Personnel: Keep It Mandatory.”

The Centers for Disease Control Prevention estimates that 5 percent to 20 percent of a U.S. race suffers from influenza any year and some-more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from anniversary flu-related complications annually. Since immature children are during high risk for vicious influenza complications, a AAP and CDC strongly suggest vaccination any deteriorate as a many vicious step in safeguarding opposite influenza. Because influenza is indeterminate and can be severe, a AAP recommends that children clinically reputed to have influenza should be deliberate early for antiviral diagnosis when indicated.

This year’s educational procedure is being delivered within a ArcheViewer, an interactive e-Learning platform grown by ArcheMedX, to yield AAP members a some-more fit proceed to examination a 2015-16 process updates and request pivotal lessons to practice. Recommendations for a 2015-16 Influenza deteriorate are accessible online to all AAP members giveaway of assign and can be accessed by PediaLink, a Academy’s online preparation portal.

Each online training procedure has been designed to deconstruct and facilitate a many vicious updates in a AAP influenza process statements while providing pediatricians and pediatric medical and surgical specialists entrance to vicious resources. Interspersed via a modules are teacher records and interactive polls designed by expertise to prompt learners to simulate and examination additional resources during a right moments, creation it easier to interpret pivotal recommendations from a discipline into clinical practice.

This interactive training believe also includes a ability for AAP members to take records synchronized to where they are in a module, contention questions electronically to faculty, set personal reminders with a click of a button, and hunt applicable resources collated by expertise in any of a following 4 training modules:

1.    Prevention and Control of Influenza

2.    Immunization for all Health Care Personnel

3.    Office Testing and Vaccinating Egg-Allergic Children

4.    Use of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests (RIDTs)

As AAP members take movement and rivet with a content, training information are collected, analyzed, and presented behind to expertise by a ArcheViewer’s executive interface and real-time dashboards. This proceed enables a AAP group to fast consider a impact of a preparation and to labour a training modules as indispensable over time.

ArcheMedX Media Contact: Brian S. McGowan, Chief Learning Officer of ArcheMedX during brian(at)archemedx(dot)com

AAP Media Contact: Noreen Stewart, nstewart(at)aap(dot)org, 847-434-7944

About American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics is an classification of 64,000 primary caring pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to a health, reserve and contentment of infants, children, teenagers and immature adults. For some-more information, revisit or follow us during @AmerAcadPeds.

About ArcheMedX

ArcheMedX is a medical informatics and e-learning record association that is transforming online preparation by a data-driven proceed to learning. By leveraging scarcely 5 decades of cognitive scholarship and years of practical research, a ArcheMedX group grown a ArcheViewer, an award-winning e-learning and analytics platform, that enables educators to construct, deliver, and consider some-more interactive and effective online training experiences.

ArcheMedX now partners with dozens of medical organizations (national medical societies, heading educational medical centers, and tellurian medical preparation companies) to energy and investigate hundreds of Web-based training practice accessible opposite dozens of clinical areas. Learners who attend in ArcheViewer-powered preparation have been found to urge their believe and cunning during a turn scarcely 4 times larger than normal online education. To learn more, revisit

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