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Argos Funeral Services

Argos Funeral Services is a Zeitgeist change in a wake industry.

“Argos Funeral Services is an innovative mortuary that is formulating a model change in wake use formulation and singular personalization, with a staff that welcomes unusual requests and hurdles while progressing personal and business privacy,” says owner, Judah Ben Hur.

Argos Funeral Services is a Zeitgeist change in a wake industry.

Argos Funeral Services offers a wake use consumer a singular choice in a approach of formulation an interment.

Argos Funeral Services believes that with a augmenting costs of belligerent burials, environmental issues, and dwindling belligerent space, other options need to be explored and acted upon.

Outer Space is not a final frontier, it is an undiscovered universe, a home, it is where we all came from, and is a place that we all can go behind too.

We have an event to re-seed a star with a tiny partial of ourselves.

Argos Funeral Services is an certified distributor for Celestis Memorial Spaceflights.

Argos Funeral Services offers thru Celestis Memorial Spaceflights:

1) Earth Rise Service Spaceflight with lapse to Earth

2) Earth Orbit Service Launch into Earth orbit

3) Luna Service Launch to lunar circuit or surface

4) Voyager Service Launch into low space

Argos Funeral Services Full Body Burial during Sea ceremonies are full day charters out of a pier of your choice. The healthy wake hide used, is a traditional, cool and some-more environmentally – accessible approach to dedicate a desired one’s remains.

Argos Funeral Services also specializes in providing dissimilar wake services for business executives, politicians, celebrities, entertainers and other special need requests.

Argos Funeral Services is locally owned and professionally operated by owners Judah Ben-Hur, and Maria F. Costa Rodriguez, with Shawn Adame, as a Managing Funeral Director.

The Argos Funeral Services staff have over 33 years of total wake attention experience.

Contact: Judah Ben-Hur

Argos Funeral Services

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