Bill Baird, Abortion and Sexuality

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I trust that people should be reputable and that a women should have a right to do what she thinks is right for herself

Joe Balliro, Jr.’s Killer Legal Reality Radio presents Bill Baird, a Father of Abortion. A decisive work on his life on iTunes.

Take this tour with Bill Baird as a child vital in a tenement slums of New York during a Great Depression, vital with an alcoholic violent father and a mentally ill mother, his poverty, a detriment of his hermit and sister to bad medical care, his growth as a champion of justice, his arrests, jail, his transport to a halls of probity in a United States Supreme Court, benefaction day, and his heartwarming faith in humankind.

Bill Baird speaks of his years fighting for women’s rights, happy rights, and a rights of a poor, his famous “Plan Van”, and his arrests. Hear him report a horrific conditions of bonds in a Charles Street Jail, a murder of a male convicted of verbal sex with another male and condemned to 15 years in jail and a self-murder glow genocide of another inmate. Learn of his travels to and his triumphs in a United States Supreme Court. And learn of his abandonment by many important politicians, friends and women’s rights groups and his financial hurdles during 83 years aged as a result.

Bill tells of his truth on religion, Planned Parenthood, and women’s rights groups. He speaks about a bombing of his hospital and a rescue of dual teenage girls who had dark in a closet to shun a flames. Hear him tell of a violence, threats, and intimidation. Learn what it was like to face Courts who saw Bill as a “Menace to Society”.

Hear about his bravery and fears, regrets and confusions on Killer Legal Reality Radio, including a rough subject podcast on Abortion, Sexuality, and a Law starting Oct 17th on iTunes and revisit for some-more good podcasts and resources.

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