BoardVitals Announces #GiveVax Initiative to Combat…

Child Receives Vaccines

BoardVitals Partners with Vaccine Ambassadors in New Philanthropic Campaign to End Vaccine Preventable Diseases.

“I trust that dollar for dollar vaccines save some-more lives than anything else that we could deposit in,” pronounced Daniel Lambert, CEO of BoardVitals.

BoardVitals, a digital personality in medical education, currently announced a launch of a company’s initial central munificent initiative: #GiveVax. In partnership with Vaccine Ambassadors, a non-profit classification dedicated to delivering lifesaving vaccines, BoardVitals will present a homogeneous of one vaccine to children and communities in need for any educational product sole by a web site.

The launch of a #GiveVax beginning and partnership between BoardVitals and Vaccine Ambassadors also celebrates a 14th annual Vaccination Week in a Americas from Apr 24-30, 2016. Since a pregnancy over 519 million people have been vaccinated, creation Vaccination Week in a Americas a ideal time to enhance assembly strech to urge recognition of a ongoing vaccine deficit.

“I trust that dollar for dollar vaccines save some-more lives than anything else that we could deposit in,” pronounced Daniel Lambert, CEO of BoardVitals. “BoardVitals is dedicated to improving medicine and medical education, and a partial of that goal is safeguarding those who are during risk.”

BoardVitals develops online doubt banks to assistance physicians, nurses and other medical practitioners accommodate their licensing, house certification, and stability preparation requirements. With a #GiveVax initiative, BoardVitals commits to donating $2.01 – a homogeneous of one *MMR Vaccine as per a CDC listed marketplace cost – to Vaccine Ambassadors for any doubt bank sole by a company’s website.

“After saying so many people humour from vaccine-preventable illness in Africa and Central America during proffer trips, we know firsthand how many of an impact something as elementary as a vaccine can make,” pronounced Andrea Paul, MD, Chief Medical Officer for BoardVitals. “It’s time to do a partial in swelling recognition and lifting a supports required to fight preventable diseases.”

Vaccines save millions of lives annually by preventing diseases like Rubella and Measles. Vaccine Ambassadors distributes 100% of a open donations (minus any customary credit label estimate fees) by a singular partnership with a Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office of a World Health Organization (WHO), to be used for a buying and smoothness of vaccines and associated services. Such supports might be used toward a squeeze of vaccines that are some-more or reduction costly depending on informal needs. In an bid to have a biggest impact, Vaccine Ambassadors relies on a imagination of PAHO/WHO to establish that vaccines are indispensable many and where. This allows supports to be well mobilized so that they can be destined to priority areas and populations in need.

“Vaccine Ambassadors is built on a element that collectively we can accomplish many some-more than we can individually,” pronounced Jackie Kaufman, Co-Founder and Executive Director for Vaccine Ambassadors. “With a association like BoardVitals fasten us in this effort, we will have a larger impact by reaching some-more people with life-saving vaccines. In further to scheming medical and medical providers for their careers, BoardVitals is now assisting to ready children and families for a healthier future.”

The #GiveVax beginning is a vital step brazen for BoardVitals, that has lerned over 100,000 medical and medical professionals and served some-more than 300 institutions given it was founded in 2013. As a association continues to grow as an ongoing apparatus for a medical community, product sales are certain to yield a poignant concession to children and communities in need.

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About BoardVitals

BoardVitals is a heading provider of online house review, upkeep of certification, and stability preparation activities for physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals. Bringing together calm from vital publishers, universities, and heading medical providers, BoardVitals provides a largest and many adult to date training and comment height in medicine. Using appurtenance training and veteran throng curation, a association is means to refurbish calm daily and urge medical believe as new information is published. BoardVitals is corroborated by several investors including Blueprint Health, Rothenberg Ventures, and Rock Creek Capital. For some-more information, revisit

About Vaccine Ambassadors

Vaccine Ambassadors is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, combined by relatives and medical providers, guided by a goal that everybody deserves estimable entrance to lifesaving vaccines regardless of where they live. Vaccine Ambassadors was innate out of a thought that any of us has a ability to profoundly impact a life of another. For some-more information, revisit

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