Brookhaven Retreat Hosted a Therapeutic Outing to Knoxville’s 17th…

Knoxville’s 17th Annual Earthfest

Knoxville’s 17th Annual Earthfest

Brookhaven Retreat® LLC, a singular residential diagnosis trickery exclusively for women with romantic and mental health hurdles and/or piece abuse issues, hosted a recovering tour to Knoxville’s 17th annual Earthfest during a World’s Fair Park opening grass in downtown Knoxville, followed by a stop during Hobby Lobby to squeeze art reserve on Apr 16.

EarthFest has turn East Tennessee’s premier Earth Day eventuality with live song and some-more than 60 exhibitors and attractions designed to foster environmental recognition and yield opportunities for people to revoke their environmental footprint.

Clients enjoyed a day as experiential therapy, that aligns with Brookhaven Retreat’s goal to assistance clients redeem from mental health and obsession issues. As partial of The Lily Program®, clients learn how to rise a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle by balancing physical, emotional, amicable and devout needs for a successful life and a postulated recovery.

“The women who come here collect a whole new set of collection to give them a bravery and cunning to be loyal to themselves by being a best they can be,” says Brookhaven Retreat founder, Jacqueline Dawes. “Taking these new collection out into a universe and regulating them is an critical partial of recovery.”

Outings to internal educational events offer a combined event to learn about Tennessee, a scenery of outside delights including trails, waterfalls, bluffs and stream gorges, and a abounding ancestral culture.

According to PsyBlog, spending some-more time outside and joining with inlet can assistance we feel some-more alive and knowledge softened health and complacency in general. Studies uncover that surrounding yourself with outside beauty boosts creativity by 50 percent, reduces strident stress, eases symptoms of dementia, and improves memory, self-respect and ADHD symptoms.

“Beyond a pleasing drift of Brookhaven Retreat, a state of Tennessee has no necessity of lifelike landscape that make it a feast for a eyes and recovering for a soul,” Dawes adds. “Being out in inlet is smashing for basin and anxiety, and there’s zero utterly like a uninformed towering air. It’s rejuvenating.”

Clients purchased art reserve during Hobby Lobby to use during art therapy, also customary in The Lily Program, where all aspects of self are explored and exercised.

About Brookhaven Retreat

Brookhaven Retreat is a women’s diagnosis center nestled on a naturally pleasing 48-acre site isolated in a foothills of a Great Smoky Mountains. It has helped hundreds of women opposite a United States overcome depression, trauma, anxiety, substance use and a operation of other behavioral health challenges. Brookhaven’s Founder, Jacqueline Dawes, has predicated a gender-specific diagnosis on “healing romantic breakage” for women. In this way, she has determined a refuge and a place where women can feel safe, secure and cared for by a staff of rarely lerned professionals.

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