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Care Net 40th Anniversary

Care Net 40th Anniversary

Because life decisions need life support, it is a pleasure to commend a value of these centers as they yield material, emotional, and devout support to women and group confronting pregnancy decisions.

Care Net, a nonprofit classification that supports one of a nation’s largest network of pregnancy centers, during a 2015 National Conference, presented special awards to a dependent centers and to a longest portion leaders for their model work portion a women and group in their communities.

Seven awards for value were presented by Care Net, noticing a accomplishments of centers in 2014 in a following categories.

The Guy Condon Presidential Award was combined to respect a core with a holistic proceed to customer care, including a concentration on marriage, fatherhood, and motherhood. This core also has a concentration on “life support,” definition that it does not only concentration on a series of churches that support it, though also a series of churches in their network that will yield ongoing support for mothers and/or couples.

The leader of a Guy Condon Presidential Award was Wayne Pregnancy Care Center of Goldsboro, NC.

The Gospel Presentation Award was awarded to urban, suburban, and farming centers with a top series of gospel presentations to their clients. The recipients of a Gospel Presentation Award were:

o    Women’s Enrichment Center – Lancaster, SC (rural)

o    Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston – Houston, TX (suburban)

o    Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada – Las Vegas, NV (urban)

The Critical Client Award was presented to a rural, suburban, and civic centers with top series of vicious clients – clients who are during many risk for abortion. The recipients of a Critical Client Award were:

o    Echoz Pregnancy Care Center in Great Falls, MT (rural)

o    Care Net Medical Services in Waco, TX (suburban)

o    Pregnancy Care Center in Fresno, CA (urban)

Care Net comparison a above winners from nominees within a network of over 1,100 dependent pregnancy centers.

Care Net President and CEO Roland C. Warren praised a endowment recipients: “Because life decisions need life support, it is a pleasure to commend a value of these centers as they yield material, emotional, and devout support to women and group confronting pregnancy decisions.”

In addition, Care Net presented a Teal Heart Award to pregnancy core leaders formed on their years of use to those creation pregnancy decisions in their communities.

  •     18 leaders perceived a 5-year award.
  •     13 leaders perceived a 10-year award.
  •     11 leaders perceived a 15-year award.
  •     3 leaders perceived a 20-year award.
  •     4 leaders perceived a 25-year award.

A full list of a endowment recipients follows below.

Care Net Vice President of Center Services and Client Care Cynthia Hopkins said, “Thanks to a loyalty of these leaders, tens of thousands of women and group have been empowered to make life-affirming pregnancy decisions and have been upheld in their choice.”


5 Years of Service

o    Casey Angulo

o    Lisa Boie

o    Mary Bron

o    Elizabeth Chechile

o    Tammy Dallmann

o    Sandi Gauthier

o    Erika Hernandez

o    Michelle Kelly

o    Janet Lyons

o    Wendy Merrill

o    Bobbie Meyer


o    Heidi Navarro

o    Julie Philyaw

o    Patti Quartuccio

o    Susan Skoglund

o    Brenda Titus

o    Susan Voehl

10 Years of Service

o    Tonya Baker Nelson

o    Debra Burchfield

o    Tina Harrell

o    Gina Kennedy

o    Nanda Kirkpatrick

o    Sue Leavins

o    Bonnie Mitchell

o    Mona Parish

o    Luciana Urban

o    Jane Wahl

o    Victoria Wildt

o    Charles Wolford II

o    Barbara Younge

15 Years of Service

  •     Sherrie Bicksler
  •     Cindi Boston
  •     Sue Chess
  •     Susan DeMara
  •     Monica Galloway
  •     Carol Graham
  •     Aimee Huber
  •     Linda Stradley
  •     Jill Taylor
  •     Susan Topper
  •     Laurie Turnow

20 Years of Service

  •     Brenda Fernandes
  •     Patty Iseri
  •     Keri Muir

25 Years of Service

  •     Lorrie Erli
  •     Deb Kobes
  •     Pamela Palumbo
  •     Melinda Gardner

Care Net will benefaction subsequent year’s awards during a annual National Conference in Orlando, FL from Sep 6-9, 2016.

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