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CarraShield Labs, Inc. ( reported currently that with a end of a product contrast compulsory by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration for capitulation as a Class II Medical Device, Divine 9® done with CarraShield™ was also shown to accommodate or surpass all a recommendations for personal lubricants published by a World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Reproductive Health and Research, in partnership with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), published an Advisory Note providing discipline for a squeeze of personal lubricants. The design of a WHO Advisory Note was to settle criteria formed on recently published studies that assistance safeguard a liniment will not break condoms, enclose any potentially damaging ingredients, or be formulated in a approach that negatively effects supportive hankie inside a body. The full content of a WHO Advisory Note can be found during

The WHO Advisory Note done a following recommendations:

“When procuring water-based lubricants, a osmolality should preferably be 1200 mOsm/kg or less.”

Studies referenced by WHO in a Advisory Note advise that lubricants with high osmolality competence means repairs to walls of a vagina and anus. Divine 9 with CarraShield was shown by FDA-approved laboratory contrast to have an osmolality trimming between 520 and 720 mOsm/kg, a value distant next a WHO-recommended maximum. This outcome establishes Divine 9 as one of a few Class II Medical Device personal lubricants on a marketplace that meets this requirement.

“Lubricants containing polyquaternary compounds should be avoided until there is serve justification on a outcome of polyquaternium compounds on HIV riposte rates.”

The WHO cited studies that advise polyquaternium compounds might raise a riposte of HIV. Polyquaternium compounds are used in some silicone-based lubricants. Divine 9 with CarraShield contains no polyquaternarium compounds specifically, and no silicone-based mixture in general. The primary mixture in Divine 9 are a healthy sea algae remove and purified water.

“For lubricants dictated essentially for MSM (men who have sex with men) or where a inlet of a dictated use can't be ascertained, a pH in a operation 5.5 to 7 is recommended. Lubricants with pH surpassing 7 are not recommended.”

Divine 9 with CarraShield has a pH of 6.5. CarraShield Labs uses healthy citric poison to precisely adjust a pH in each batch.

“The bulk buying and placement of lubricants containing spermicides, medicinal and other active substances is not recommended.”

The WHO Advisory Note cites studies that advise spermicides (predominantly nonoxynol-9) have poignant exasperation issues and that medicinal additives such as benzocaine (to revoke sensation) have additional regulatory mandate as medicines. The Advisory Note goes on to state that non-medicinal additives that explain to emanate stimulating, warming, rawness or other effects have not been sufficient complicated to settle their reserve in high risk groups such as MSM and sex workers so these mixture should be avoided. Divine 9 with CarraShield contains no spermicides, no medicinal additives nor does it enclose any form of herb or chemical that attempts to emanate stimulating, warming, rawness or other effects.

“The group during CarraShield Labs has been operative diligently with eccentric contrast labs to settle a reserve of Divine 9 with CarraShield,” pronounced Dean Fresonke, CEO of CarraShield Labs. “With a information now in palm and certified by a capitulation as a Class II Medical Device from a FDA, we are appreciative to news that we not usually accommodate all a FDA mandate though also accommodate or surpass a World Health Organization’s published discipline for personal lubricants.”

About CarraShield Labs, Inc.

CarraShield Labs, Inc., combines inlet with scholarship to emanate products that urge passionate well-being. Intensive investigate has led to a company’s proprietary, naturally-derived sea algae combine called CarraShield™. Divine 9® with CarraShield showed guarantee in restraint a delivery of cancer-causing HPV infection in government-sponsored laboratory studies and is now undergoing tellurian clinical trials during 3 apart university medical investigate centers. While a health advantages of CarraShield are being studied, we can suffer a exotic, erotic feel of Divine 9 today. Look for Divine 9 personal lubricants and other products done with CarraShield in health unwavering stores and websites. Learn some-more during

Please note: The World Health Organization has not privately tested Divine 9 with CarraShield and a information contained in this press recover should not be interpreted as an publicity by a WHO.

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