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Casenet®, LLC, a heading provider of extensible caring supervision solutions, currently announced that South Country Health Alliance (SCHA) has successfully finished an on-time, on-budget doing of a TruCare® caring supervision platform, that will softened conduct a formidable caring of Medicaid populations in Minnesota. Starting in October, SCHA’s Health Services Department began regulating a TruCare height to conduct and promote all case, illness and function supervision services administered to 38,000 members opposite 12 Minnesota counties.

SCHA is a county-owned health devise committed to portion some of a nation’s many exposed Medicaid populations, including those of low income, incapacity and mental illness. SCHA comparison TruCare to capacitate softened supervision of a formidable caring of their opposite populations since of TruCare’s ability to confederate medical, behavioral and subordinate services including those of home and community-based services. Also, a immeasurable configurability of TruCare allows SCHA users to tailor a complement by segmented populations and lines-of-business, and a strong stating enables a growth of internally-created tradition reports to simply perspective and share profitable caring supervision information with other users and systems.

“The idea of a group is to yield a right service, during a right time, from a right provider to members ordinarily during risk of being ignored within a complexities of a medical system,” pronounced Leota Lind, SCHA CEO.

“At South Country, we value a palliate of pattern offering by TruCare,” pronounced SCHA Director of Health Services, Maureen Murray. “To accommodate a opposite needs of a populations and grasp correspondence with Medicaid guidelines, we need an agile, liquid complement that can fast align with changing supervision mandate and assent SCHA staff to exclusively discharge changes rapidly, though a need for involvement and additional costs.”

The TruCare doing was a collaborative bid between SCHA’s Health Services and Information Technology Departments and a Casenet team. Together, a SCHA group with assistance from a manageable Casenet group sum a activities of formerly removed departments by configuring a TruCare complement and workflows to accommodate their needs and leveraging TruCare’s formation web services to feed profitable member data, as good as tasks and referrals into TruCare from other SCHA information sources.

SCHA’s Business Analyst, Megan LaCanne, described a doing structured by Casenet as an “unprecedented partnership opposite a whole classification that intent stakeholders in timely and orderly teamwork”.

“Casenet facilitated a good volume of communication between SCHA and a opposite departments, ensuring that we were not handling in siloes,” pronounced LaCanne. “Casenet supposing a minute doing devise grown around best practices. Our weekly meetings concerned not usually devise sponsors, though concurrent teams of programmers and resources opposite a business operative together with Casenet to establish how TruCare could best be tailored to fit South Country.”

SCHA leaders are gratified that a TruCare doing remained on-time and on-budget, though harried milestones or compromising a peculiarity of a complement pattern and altogether user acceptance.

“The Casenet devise group structured a doing with a intonation that authorised a routine to be executed delicately and gave us sufficient time to strech any milestone,” pronounced LaCanne. “The Casenet team’s courteous formulation left room for suitable testing, that took a highlight out of a initial go-live. With TruCare, we had a possibility to entirely exam and work by any issues with a manageable doing team. This well-managed doing authorised us to sojourn bound to a timeline and assured about relocating brazen toward a go-live.”

Implementing TruCare is a vital step towards SCHA’s idea of delivering real-time, accurate information to complement users, creation caring teams some-more effective with entrance to all formidable box information in one location. In serve to member health impacts, SCHA anticipates a poignant boost in staff capability and potency as primer processes are separated and 3 apart systems are transposed by a TruCare platform. By integrating all module information in one system, SCHA caring teams now have a holistic perspective of any member and compared programs, including a behavioral and illness supervision elements that were formerly missing.

Currently, SCHA is sportive a vast extent of TruCare functionality, regulating not usually a simple TruCare customer and administration functionality, though also holding advantage of a formation and interfaces that can yield real-time information exchange. SCHA has leveraged core information feeds to entrance and bucket information about members, products, networks and providers into TruCare from their information warehouse, as good as additional mention and charge web services. Looking ahead, SCHA skeleton to use TruCare even some-more broadly opposite a organization, introducing TruCare functionality opposite member services and operations departments to serve a impact of a integrated caring supervision system.

“We are vehement to see TruCare implemented so successfully during South Country Health Alliance,” pronounced Peter Masanotti, Casenet CEO. “South Country’s forward-thinking proceed to delivering integrated caring supervision ensures that their use of TruCare will be a indication for assets and member health outcomes for other identical organizations to learn from. By regulating a singular functionality within TruCare and stability to try a many formation capabilities in a future, South Country will advantage from truly integrated and permitted information and resources, formulating some-more prominence into high-risk members and ensuring caring and outcomes invariably urge opposite all populations.”

About South Country Health Alliance

South Country Health Alliance is a county-owned health devise providing health caring coverage in these Minnesota Counties: Brown, Dodge, Freeborn, Goodhue, Kanabec, Morrison, Sibley, Steele, Todd, Wabasha, Wadena and Waseca. Through partnerships with open health, amicable services and internal health caring providers, SCHA supports accessible, peculiarity health caring for enrollees in Minnesota’s publicly saved simple health caring programs. SCHA began enrolling members in Nov 2001 and has some-more than 37,000 members. The health devise offers 5 programs to accommodate a health caring needs of Minnesota Health Care Program enrollees in a use area. For some-more information about SCHA, revisit

SCHA Media Contact:

Emma Pederson, 507-431-6378, epederson(at)mnscha(dot)org

About Casenet, LLC

Casenet provides a extensive apartment of extensible, craving caring supervision program and services solutions for commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, TPA, provider/ACO and carve-out organizations. These solutions capacitate a business to urge caring coordination and a peculiarity and smoothness of caring by extended case, disease, function and home and community-based services supervision as good as collection for sum race management. Casenet supports tiny to really vast craving business that need extensive scalability, have many lines of business with advantages that are formidable and difficult to administer, and need extensive pattern for any targeted member population. These solutions capacitate organizations to accommodate their singular mandate and adjust fast to changing marketplace and regulatory dynamics, brand and aim populations carrying graphic risk characteristics and broach specific caring supervision programs for those members — holding a initial step toward softened particular health and sum race health management. For some-more information, revisit

Casenet Media Contact:

Kelli L. Bravo, 781-357-2706, kbravo(at)casenetllc(dot)com

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