ChemDAQ Introduces SafeCide™ Chemical Intervention Safety Monitor for…

SafeCide Peracetic Acid Monitor

SafeCide Peracetic Acid Monitor will entrance during a IPPE Conference in Atlanta, GA

Food reserve requires chemical Intervention as an essential partial of beef and ornithology processing. SafeCide ensures these chemicals are used safely, safeguarding workers and corporate interests.

ChemDAQ Inc., a personality in environmental monitoring systems for Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethylene Oxide announced a launch of SafeCide™, a new unstable real-time reserve guard designed for area representation monitoring. The record is inscription based, works with Bluetooth technology, and ChemDAQ’s patent-pending peracetic poison sensor. ChemDAQ will entrance a guard during a arriving IPPE discussion during a Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center Jan 26th-28th, 2016 during their counter #8602 in Hall B.

David Hilliker, CEO of ChemDAQ states, “Food reserve requires chemical Intervention as an essential partial of beef and ornithology estimate to safeguard a protected product is delivered to a public. The use of chemicals such as peracetic acid, however, are not but their hazards. As an attention underneath inspection from OSHA, it is needed that processors sojourn stream with a latest reserve record accessible to strengthen their workers. In addition, capability will boost with a portable, genuine time guard to consider and conduct workers’ PAA bearing concerns”.

SafeCide™ is a nominal product to ChemDAQ’s Steri-Trac® Continuous Monitoring system. The device is also designed to constraint information that is afterwards stored in a CSV record for serve information research and logging over time. The strong pattern was engineered privately for ornithology and beef producers. ChemDAQ’s Monitoring Systems allows processors to say a top reserve standards in a industry.

About ChemDAQ, Inc.

ChemDAQ, formed in Pittsburgh, PA, develops and manufactures gas showing systems for chemicals used in food and libation production, healthcare, and medical device manufacturing. As a provider of best in category environmental monitoring solutions, ChemDAQ helps assure regulatory correspondence and insurance of workers from overexposure to chemical vapors. Steri-Trac® is a purebred heading of ChemDAQ Inc. For some-more information, revisit

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