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Construct-A-Lead is an online construction lead use that helps contractors, use providers, manufacturers and suppliers benefit information on all vast scale construction projects.

The use comforts unit construction, hotel construction, sell construction, medical construction, propagandize renovations more, including those hard-to-find private plan leads, to assistance bid on construction, from formulation stage- completion.

Construct-A-Lead reported currently that there are countless new/updated Medical construction leads combined to a Construct-A-Lead construction plan database. Businesses will have plenty opportunities to yield construction bids and other services relations to these projects.

Interested parties are invited to revisit and pointer adult for a giveaway trial. This a no obligation, no credit label required sampling permitting business 5 live construction reports over a 3 day period. Users are speedy to perspective and lane projects, online, an instance of that is listed below. Reference a Project ID to implement a new site comforts and to obtain approach hit information for any construction lead:

Valhalla, NY – Westchester BioScience Technology Center

Plans call for a new construction of a three-million square-foot biotechnology investigate formidable on roughly 80 acres of underdeveloped land. Plans embody 2,252,600 block feet of investigate facilities, 400,000 block feet of medical offices, and a 34,000 square-foot Children s Living Science Center. Plans also embody a 100,000 square-foot hotel with 100 bedrooms and 114,000 block feet of ground-level retail.

Construction start: Q4, 2016, Q1, 2017, $1,200,000,000

Project ID: 1363326

Lakeway, TX – Serene Hills Commercial East

Plans call for a new construction of a 24,000 SF bureau trickery to residence 15,000 SF ambulatory medicine center. The ASC will concede for medical procedures and embody an choice for a studious to sojourn during a core for adult to 48 hours for post-operative care. The remaining space will residence medicine offices associated to a medical facility.

Construction start: Q2, 2016 $10,000,000

Project ID: 1363159

Suffolk, VA – Harbour View Medical Plaza – Cancer Center

Plans call for 21,580 block feet of reside improvements to a cancer center.

Construction start: Q1, 2016. $5,000,000

Project ID: 1363290

Long Beach, CA – Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Plans call for remodeling a puncture department.

Construction start: Q4 2016, Q1 2017, $1,000,000

Project ID: 1363223

Atlanta, GA – Grady Memorial Hospital

Plans call for a restoration to a hospital’s 7th, 9th and 11th floors.

Construction start: Q4 2016, Q1 2017, $18,000,000

Project ID: 1363020

Florence, KY – Florence Senior Village

Plans call for a new 48-unit comparison affordable housing complex.

Construction start: Q4 2016, Q1 2017 $6,700,000

Project ID: 1362995 is an online construction projects database, assisting contractors, use providers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and businesses in associated industries benefit information on all vast scale commercial construction projects.

The use comforts those hard-to-find private plan leads, from formulation theatre by completion. Construct-A-Lead’s daily updates of commercial construction plan leads are an ideal resolution for those who wish to put their product or use into commercial, supervision and eremite structures.

For some-more information, revisit online or call 855-874-1491.

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