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In 62 countries around a world, amicable selling programs sole adequate contraceptives to strengthen 69 million couples from pregnancy in 2014.

DKT International’s recently expelled Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Report for 2014 suggests that an estimated 20% of all contraception used by couples in a building universe (excluding China) was supposing by amicable marketing, a complement that markets and sells contraception by private blurb networks alongside soap, tea, and soothing drinks.

“In 62 countries around a world, amicable selling programs sole adequate contraceptives to strengthen 69 million couples from pregnancy in 2014. That is around 20% of a 350 million of couples who now use birth control right now – not including China,” pronounced Christopher Purdy, President of DKT International.

Social selling programs safeguard a far-reaching accessibility of a good accumulation of high-quality family formulation products corroborated by promotion on TV, radio, amicable media, and even T-shirts and ball caps. Collectively in 2014, amicable selling delivered 2.5 billion condoms, 200 million cycles of verbal contraceptives, 32.9 million injectable contraceptives, 2.8 million intrauterine inclination and 786,480 implants to assistance forestall pregnancies, revoke maternal and tot mortality, forestall HIV, and diminution abortions.

“These are conspicuous numbers and are a covenant to a many organizations and people who surprise couples about birth control and make family formulation products and services accessible to women around a universe so that each integrate can have a choice of methods and brands,” pronounced Purdy. “Social selling programs also strech immature people to boost preventive recognition and use.”

New contraceptives are also included, methods like a recently accessible Sayana Press, a 3-month subcutaneous injectable preventive that was recently authorized for self-injection in a UK.

DKT International is a non-profit classification that promotes family formulation and HIV/AIDS impediment by amicable marketing. DKT International served 28 million couples in 2014, preventing 6.5 million neglected pregnancies, 12,527 maternal deaths, and 3.6 million abortions.

“There is an obligatory need for birth control around a globe. Women’s rights, a preparation of children, and family wealth all count on couples’ ability to have a series of children they want, when they wish them,” says Phil Harvey owner and chair of a DKT Board of Directors. “Shackled to steady neglected pregnancies, women but birth control face bleak, bankrupt futures. DKT International therefore continues to aggressively foster a accessibility of contraceptives and protected termination around a world.”

Visit DKT International’s website to download a full report.

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