Douglas Shaw & Associates, SIM Win NonProfit PRO Gold Award for…

Douglas Shaw Associates and SIM, an general Christian goal classification formed in Charlotte, have been awarded a 2015 NonProfit PRO Gold Award for Fundraising Excellence for SIM’s “Pray to End Ebola” campaign.

The campaign, recognised by SIM and designed and executed by Douglas Shaw Associates, perceived a near-perfect measure from judges, and won a desired On a Edge endowment for “pushing a envelope” in multi-channel fundraising.

“Our goal to apportion to those influenced by Ebola in West Africa was not only a goal of financial need,” conspicuous Bruce Johnson, President of SIM USA. “We also indispensable to rivet people by a call to prayer.”

As a Ebola predicament escalated, SIM had to immigrate staff and leave critically ill personnel, that caused a remarkable spike in expenses. The debate immediately appealed for support and fast lifted $400,000. As a widespread continued, people everywhere were invited to join in a dedicated week of request for an finish to Ebola. The multi-channel debate of online, offline and radio media cost approximately $40,000, with ongoing certain results.

“The efficacy of this debate comes from a ability to strech people quickly, by mixed communication channels,” conspicuous Doug Shaw, Chairman and CEO of Douglas Shaw Associates, a organisation specializing in nonprofit and method fundraising. “Our group – in a really brief duration of time — grown a concurrent debate where any channel had a specific duty to support a (campaign’s) goals to make certain we got a summary out.”

For 10 years, a Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence has famous a tip campaigns in nonprofit fundraising. For some-more information, revisit

About SIM

SIM ( is an general Christian goal classification with a staff of scarcely 4,000 workers from over 60 countries portion in 70 nations. SIM exists to respond to need, promote a gospel and supply a church. While SIM stood for Soudan Interior Mission when it was founded 120 years ago, it is now a tellurian goal famous as SIM (pronounced S-I-M).

About Douglas Shaw Associates

Douglas Shaw Associates, formed in Naperville, Ill., is a full-service multichannel direct-response fundraising association assisting nonprofits and ministries support their prophesy by donor merger and fundraising from existent donors. Its work generates measurably aloft levels of giving by different channels including approach mail, digital, email, and broadcast. For some-more information, revisit

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