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New York Facial Plastic Surgeon | Maurice M. Khosh, MD, FACS

“I am gay to be rated so rarely by my patients. Knowing that my patients are gratified with their formula is a tip form of feat for me,” says Dr. Khosh

Based on high studious ratings and superb studious reviews, Find Local Doctors has famous Dr. Maurice Khosh as a Manhattan Top Rated Plastic Surgeon for 2015 in a margin of facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Khosh carries twin house certifications in facial cosmetic surgery and ENT medicine as good as twenty years of use experience. He is a rarely reputable cosmetic surgeon who has warranted mixed prestigious awards for his modernized technique and glorious formula in cosmetic procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. Additionally, Dr. Khosh offers a full element of reconstructive procedures to residence functional, mishap or cancer compared defects of a face, nose, or a scalp. In fact, his eminent ability to provide organic respirating and cultured concerns of a nose sets him detached as one of a country’s many chosen cosmetic surgeons.

Dr. Khosh has a specialty in revision rhinoplasty utilizing rib cartilage grafts, one of a many formidable and surgically perfectionist cosmetic surgical procedures. Patients who find rider rhinoplasty mostly protest of twisted, pinched, or collapsed coming of a nose. These cultured concerns are typically compared with respirating difficulty. Cartilage grafting can revive a nasal contours and raise breathing. Dr. Khosh is one of few cosmetic surgeons who is learned adequate to offer rib cartilage as a viable source of grafting material. Rib cartilage is ideal for rider rhinoplasty cases where septal cartilage is blank or endless cartilage grafting is needed. During a procedure, rib cartilage is harvested by a tiny rare rent next a breast, withdrawal no manifest scar. The cartilage is afterwards precisely contoured before chain inside a nose.

Based on a series of higher studious reviews found on Find Local Doctors, Dr. Khosh’s patients clearly commend his excellence. “I am gay to be rated so rarely by my patients. Knowing that my patients are gratified with their formula is a tip form of feat for me,” says Dr. Khosh.

More About Dr. Maurice M. Khosh:

Dr. Maurice Khosh is a nationally famous twin house approved facial cosmetic surgeon practicing in Manhattan, NY. Beyond his continued coming on a Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor™ list, he is a target of a Patients’ Choice Award. Dr. Khosh is a past boss of a NY Facial Plastic Surgery Society, a executive of facial cosmetic medicine use during Mt. Sinai West in NYC, and was a former Director of Facial Plastic Surgery during Columbia University. Dr. Khosh’s loyalty to a tip turn of studious caring and perplexing imagination in his margin has gained him eminent honour as one of a tip cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in a country. For some-more information on a services offering by Dr. Khosh, revisit his website during http://www.facedoctornyc.com or hit his bureau in Manhattan directly during (212) 339-9988.

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