eKare and Daewoong Team Up to Bring Mobile Health Innovation to Wound…

The New Standard for Wound Assessment

eKare inSight™ 3D Wound Assessment Solution

“…it allows faster, some-more accurate comment of wound, ensuing in some-more suitable diagnosis for patients” – Patrick Wong, Executive Director of Global Surgical Devices for Daewoong Pharmaceutical

eKare Inc, a US formed medtech company, will partner with Daewoong Pharmaceutical to marketplace inSight™ in a Asia-Pacific region. The inSight™ Wound Assessment Solution provides accurate and available 3D wound dimensions and support during a point-of-care for vigour ulcers, diabetic feet ulcers, and other hard-to-heal ongoing wounds. Built on tip of Apple iPad, inSight™ enables clinicians to obtain a full set of 3D measurements, including abyss and volume, by simply gnawing a print of a wound but approach studious contact. Under a terms of a partnership, Daewoong will work with eKare to obtain regulatory approvals and to conduct marketing, sales and placement activities of eKare inSight™ in a territory.

“inSight is designed to yield latest intuiting record to business with easy to use interface and affordable price,” pronounced Patrick Wong, Executive Director of Global Surgical Devices for Daewoong Pharmaceutical. “We have now reinforced a D+ Wound Solution lineup by partnering with a heading wound assessing association like eKare. We pattern this will definitely impact both patients and doctors as it allows faster, some-more accurate comment of wound, ensuing in some-more suitable diagnosis for patients.”

eKare Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kyle Wu, states, “We are truly vehement to work with a heading curative association such as Daewoong to move a innovative resolution to a Asia Pacific Region. Chronic wounds are poignant problems worldwide. With a common prophesy in improving clinical smoothness and quality, a Daewoong-eKare partnership will move about poignant alleviation to how we caring for ongoing wounds.”


Upcoming Events

eKare Inc will be exhibiting during a SAWC Symposium in Atlanta, GA in April, 13-17th, 2016.

Daewoong will be exhibiting during a WUWHs in Florence, Italy in September, 25-29th, 2016

About eKare

eKare Inc. is dedicated to a pattern and expansion of wound comment solutions regulating a latest computer-vision and mobile technology. eKare’s innovative record is formulating new possibilities in how we broach wound caring opposite a medical continuum, from quadriplegic sanatorium and learned nursing comforts to ambulatory clinics and telemedicine. eKare’s goal is to allege a scholarship and smoothness of wound caring by leveraging mobile and sensor technologies to bond patients, providers, and industry.

About Daewoong

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a heading Korean curative association with annual turnover of scarcely $727 million in 2014. Daewoong is ranked a initial in South Korean curative marketplace in terms of requested payment totals, according to Health Insurance Review Agency (HIRA). Daewoong is one of a heading surgical device manufacturers and distributors in South Korea, providing sum wound government solutions and a extended spectrum of bone products for orthopedic dental applications. Daewoong has stretched tellurian business operations via Asia and is now building strategies for a tellurian market. Daewoong is dedicated in providing high peculiarity products portfolio of allograft, DBM, fake bone grafts, spinal implants, NPWT, expansion factors and modernized wound dressings.

*D+Wound Solution Guidebook has been published to yield a systematic wound caring information trimming from a diagnosis of wounds to a best diagnosis devise and D+Wound Solution mobile App support accurate wound comment and yield correct diagnosis solution.

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