Feeling Sleepy? High-fat Meals Could Make You Experience Daytime Drowsiness


University of Adelaide researchers reported that high fat intake causes daytime sleepiness. Further nap investigate suggested that a vast commission of those who devour high-fat dishes have nap apnea.
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Consuming high-fat dishes means daytime drowsiness, a new investigate has revealed.

For a year, researchers from a University of Adelaide, complicated a dietary habits of 1,800 Australian males aged 35 to 80 years aged and found that participants with a top expenditure of fat are some-more expected to knowledge daytime sleepiness.

Study participants were asked to fill out a food-frequency questionnaire. They were also subjected to an electronic guard for opposed nap apnea (OSA). Other factors that might impact sleepiness like smoking, ethanol expenditure and earthy activity were practiced accordingly.

The investigate showed that 41 percent of those who took a high-fat diet reported daytime sleepiness, while 47 percent pronounced they had difficulty sleeping.

What concerns a researchers is that as most as 79 percent of a participants have nap apnea, or have shoal respirating or pauses in respirating while asleep. Approximately 54 percent had amiable to assuage nap apnea, while 25 percent had assuage to serious cases of nap apnea.

“This has poignant implications for application and concentration, that would be of sold regard to workers,” said study author and University of Adelaide Ph.D. claimant Yingting Cao. “High fat intake was also strongly compared with nap apnea.”

It is also critical to note that high-fat intake’s association with nap apnea was some-more poignant in participants with high physique mass index (BMI).

In a U.S., those who work out on a road, such as lorry drivers, tyrannise workers and train drivers are compulsory to bear a sleep apnea test in an bid to revoke a series of vehicular accidents delegate to daytime drowsiness.

Cao explained that those who knowledge daytime sleepiness since of their high-fat diet tend to be sluggish. To opposite it, they would review to high-carbohydrate and high-fat diet – a infamous cycle. She also concurred that dish timing could also have an effect.

“But we have reason to trust that circadian rhythm, hormones and diet all work together to emanate these effects,” said Cao.

The study was published in Nutrients.

Photo: Kim Ahlström | Flickr

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