Finding Hope Amidst Affliction: The Journey of a Physician Complicated…

On average, 5.2 million adults in a United States will humour from Post-traumatic highlight commotion this year. In his new book, “Hope,” author and M.D. Robert B Downes seeks to offer support to those pang from PTSD as he writes frankly on his possess practice with a disorder.

Downes was concerned in a chilling vehicle collision while study medicine in Ireland. Although Downes walked divided from a collision physically unharmed, psychological effects were already holding root. “Hope,” sum a low anxiety, anger, flashbacks and basin Downes faced as a outcome of a collision and how he was means to recover his life.

“My solitary vigilant with essay is to yield wish to people who have felt incompetent to cope with a final of bland life due to dire events in their past,” pronounced Downes. “I wish my life to tell a story of hope, and how as a alloy and a chairman we became a bleeding healer.”

For a past 10 years Robert B Downes has worked with patients who are dependant to drugs. Downes is means to pull from his possess life practice to arrive on a same turn as his patients and see their struggles from a nonjudgmental indicate of view.

“Hope” not usually provides support for those grappling with PTSD, though also provides discernment for their friends and family. Downes’ relations via his tour denote a impact a support complement has on a recovering process, along with tips on aiding desired ones effected by PTSD.    


By: Robert B Downes, MD

ISBN: 978-1503551268

Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

Available on Amazon, Barnes Noble and Xlibris

About a author

Robert B Downes was innate in New York City. He warranted his grade in medicine during University College in Dublin, Ireland. Downes primarily lerned as a pediatrician, and now works with patients who are dependant to drugs. Downes resides and practices in Natick, Massachusetts.

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