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This partnership will concede Gemstone Bio and Winthrop to severely advantage from any other’s knowledge and expertise.

Gemstone Biotherapeutics LLC (Gemstone Bio), a Baltimore-based regenerative medicine company, has combined a vital fondness with Winthrop-University Hospital (Winthrop) focused on building and bringing patient-focused, evidence-based products to a modernized wound caring market.

Gemstone Bio will implement Winthrop’s internationally famous wound recovering specialists to labour and clinically countenance a stream wound recovering technology. The dual parties will also combine on investigate projects that will display new breakthroughs and insights in a wound caring field, heading to pointing diagnostics and softened products.

“This partnership will concede Gemstone Bio and Winthrop to severely advantage from any other’s knowledge and expertise,” pronounced George Davis, arch executive officer of Gemstone Bio. “We have a lane record of holding new and earnest wound caring record and transitioning it from ‘lab to bedside.’ Winthrop’s group of wound recovering clinicians work 24/7 on formulating improved treatments of patients with ongoing and critical wounds. This multiple will display those technicians to innovative new products while permitting a record to be certified in one of a world’s best wound recovering clinics.”

Dr. Harold Brem, Chief, Division of Wound Healing Regenerative Medicine during Winthrop University Hospital and highbrow of medicine during Stony Brook School of Medicine, leads a Winthrop Wound Healing Center. His group specializes in what have traditionally been deliberate “non-healing” wounds. The Center also operates a precocious investigate module that ceaselessly investigates new approaches to wound healing.

“Our idea is to reanimate each wound and forestall sanatorium readmissions, quite for aged or diabetic patients,” pronounced Dr. Brem. “This partnership will assistance us improved grasp this idea by building breakthrough technologies that can be practical in a nearby term, and by conducting a powerful investigate indispensable to find a breakthroughs of a future. Gemstone Bio is a ideal partner to work with on both fronts.”

Winthrop will clinically weigh dual Gemstone Bio technologies, including a existent biosynthetic scaffold, that has shown to urge wound recovering in a investigate published in a Journal of Investigative Dermatology, and a angiotensin receptor blocker-based record newly protected from Johns Hopkins University. The dual organizations are also formulation studies to brand biomarkers to move pointing medicine to modernized wound care, that will urge patients’ outcomes by correct diagnosis selection.


Gemstone Biotherapeutics LLC (Gemstone Bio), an award-winning regenerative medicine association formed in Baltimore, is building inclination and therapeutics for modernized wound care. The company’s core technologies aim mobile deficiencies to foster hankie correct and regeneration. Gemstone is advancing these technologies, creatively combined in laboratories during a School of Engineering and Medicine during Johns Hopkins University. For some-more information, revisit


The Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Program during Winthrop-University Hospital provides patients with consultant and specialized diagnosis of determined or ongoing wounds. Through a merciful care, modernized record and multidisciplinary proceed that have turn Winthrop’s hallmark, a Hospital’s Wound Healing group uses a extensive proceed to diagnosis, diagnosis and prevention.

The Wound Healing Center during Winthrop draws on a imagination of vascular surgeons; ubiquitous surgeons; cosmetic surgeons; spreading illness specialists; internists and podiatrists, and offers personalized caring in a comforting, state-of-the-art outpatient facility. For additional information about a Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Program during Winthrop, call 1-866-WINTHROP or revisit

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