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Nadia Murad Basee Taha, a Yazidi lady hold serf by ISIS, testifies before a UN Security Council.

“They used rape as a means of destruction,” says Murad Basee of her time being hold serf by ISIS, “ensuring these women will never lapse to a normal life.”

As many as 3,000 Yazidi girls and women are being hold serf by ISIS today. Yazidi survivors of chains report steady rapes, influential impregnation, forced termination and being used as sex slaves.

The Global Justice Center (GJC), an general tellurian rights organization, has filed a lecture propelling a International Criminal Court (ICC), to open a rough hearing of ISIS’s crimes opposite a Yazidi as genocide and to compensate sold courtesy to a non-killing genocidal crimes committed opposite girls and women. Despite endless support of genocide opposite a Yazidis in Iraq, efforts to finish a genocide and safeguard burden are stalled.

“Failing to provide ISIS’s crimes opposite a Yazidis as genocide severely harms Yazidi victims, quite women and children who have special protections underneath a Genocide Conventions,” pronounced Global Justice Center, President Janet Benshoof.

GJC’s filing with a ICC Office of a Prosecutor supports a Sep 2015 ask done by Yazda and a Free Yezidi Foundation that a ICC open a rough hearing of genocide and other crimes opposite a Yazidis. Both groups are ancillary Yazidi’s influenced by ISIS, like Nadia Murad Besse who was hold serf by ISIS and forced to marry an ISIS warrior before handling to escape.

“The militants of ISIS pounded a areas and we found ourselves faced with a heartless genocide,” pronounced Murad Besse before a UN Security Council final week “These vast groups of armed organisation of several nationalities had motionless that a Yazidis were infidels and had to be eradicated.”

Murad Besse witnessed a murdering of a organisation of Yazidi men, including 6 of her biological and step-brothers; she was afterwards taken and deferential with some 150 other Yazidi women and girls. “ISIS had one intention, to destroy a Yazidi temperament by force, rape, recruitment of children, and drop of holy sites they captured, generally opposite a Yazidi lady where they used rape as a means of destruction, ensuring these women will never lapse to a normal life.”

Benshoof concludes, “Every time genocide occurs a general village promises “never again” and nonetheless we continue to destroy victims of a genocide occurring right now. The women and girls pang during a hands of ISIS don’t need probity twenty years from now. They need it now.”

GJC’s minute to a prosecutor can be noticed and downloaded here.

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