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Hamlin Dental Group, Dentist Office North Hollywood

Hamlin Dental Group

North Hollywood cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hamid Reza during Hamlin Dental Group now has a special offer that will make it easier than ever for new patients to start a New Year off with a healthier smile. Healthy smiles can have large advantages for altogether health. According to a Academy of General Dentistry, resin illness has been related to heart illness and stroke, and 90 percent of systemic diseases, including diabetes and kidney disease, have dental symptoms, such as dry mouth, ulcers, resin flourishing and bad breath.

For a singular time, new patients can revisit Hamlin Dental Group and take advantage of this special offer, that includes:

  •     A extensive exam
  •     Necessary X-rays
  •     Complimentary unchanging dental cleaning

This special offer is labelled during only $49 and can't be total with other offers. Some restrictions might apply.

Dr. Hamid Reza, consultant in braces in North Hollywood, and a group during Hamlin Dental Group put a studious initial in their practice. Their patient-centered diagnosis truth carries over into all they do, and a formula are apparent in a smiles of their patients. “At Hamlin Dental Group, a comfort of a patients is a tip priority, and we have designed a bureau with that in mind. We wish to make certain your revisit to a bureau is pleasing and comfortable,” a group explains.

Dr. Reza is a tip dentist who works with a group of dental specialists to yield patients with extensive dental care. Available treatments embody fillings, surety cleanings, checkups, dental veneers, teeth whitening, base waterway treatments, periodontal treatments, orthodontics and grin makeovers.

About Hamlin Dental Group, Dental Office North Hollywood

Founded in 1994, Hamlin Dental Group serves a North Hollywood, Northridge and Van Nuys areas. Founder Dr. Hamid Reza’s knowledge embody periodontal, preventive, endodontic and cosmetic dentistry. He offers family dentistry and has been famous for his work with children and families in need. He is an active proffer and, along with his team, has worked in primogenitor centers, comparison homes, schools and workshops to yield learned dental caring to a underserved. Dr. Reza is a member of a California Dental Association and a American Dental Association.

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