Hanley Wood’s ARCHITECT Launches The Studio Prize Awards

Hanley Wood, a premier information, media, event, and critical selling services association portion a residential, blurb pattern and construction industries is gratified to announce a launch of an annual, education-focused awards program-The Studio Prize.

“Studio courses are critical incubators of architectural ideas and talent,” pronounced Ned Cramer, editorial executive of ARCHITECT. “The Studio Prize is designed to encourage sell between a academy and a profession, students and practitioners.”

The Studio Prize Awards will commend some of a many thoughtful, innovative, and reliable studio courses during accredited pattern schools from opposite a nation. The foe is designed to applaud value in studio curricula and in a tyro work that results, with a idea of disseminating best practices and honoring innovative teachers and students.

Multiple entries from any university are being encouraged, and all submissions contingency be in a context of a veteran Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture module from a stream educational year. A renowned jury will inspect any studio’s plan brief, research, and deputy tyro work. The winners will be featured this tumble in ARCHITECT, in print, online, and around amicable media.

This year, a program’s disdainful sponsor, Sloan, has easily finished accessible $20,000 in esteem money, that a jury will endowment during a option to students whose work appears in a submissions for winning studio courses. There will be an additional, $5,000 purse postulated as partial of a Studio Prize’s Sloan Award, identified during a jury’s discretion, that recognizes studios that concentration on sustainability or H2O conservation.

The entrance deadline is Jun 17, 2016. For some-more sum and eligibility mandate for a 1st Annual Studio Prize Awards, revisit http://www.studioprize.com.

For some-more information on Sloan as good as a educational resources and technical collection supposing to assistance architects get a pursuit done, revisit http://www.sloan.com.

About Sloan

Sloan is a world’s heading manufacturer of blurb plumbing systems and has been in operation given 1906. Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, a is during a forefront of a immature building transformation and provides tolerable restroom solutions by production water-efficient products such as flushometers, electronic faucets, and soap dispensing systems, penetrate systems and translucent china fixtures for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide. Follow Sloan on Facebook during http://www.Facebook.com/SloanValveCompany, on Twitter during sloan-valve-company and on YouTube during SloanValveCompany

About Hanley Wood

Hanley Wood is a premier association portion a information, media, and selling needs of a residential, blurb pattern and construction industry. Utilizing a largest analytics and editorially driven Construction Industry Database, a association provides business comprehension and data-driven services. The association produces award-winning media, high-profile executive events, and critical selling solutions. To learn more, revisit http://www.hanleywood.com


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