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HCS, a heading provider of clinical and financial medical information systems to some-more than 6,000 customer locations, now announced a extended accessibility of HCS Interactant™ Incident Management – that can now be accessed around SaaS environment. This member provides HCS clients with a finish outline of risk stating to brand trends and forestall destiny incidents. The member features:

  • Automates entrance of incidents for patients, employees, and visitors
  • Body blueprint identifies damage plcae and capabilities to insert photos and documents
  • Resolution and criticism territory to lane follow-up activity
  • Flags warning incidents available a executive executive and executive of clinical use review
  • Reporting and statistical research with ability to trade information to Excel

The occurrence government member is now being employed by long-term caring (LTC), long-term strident caring hospitals (LTACHs), and behavioral health organizations to residence this critical need.

“This occurrence government member is a ideal instance of HCS proactively responding to customer needs and delivering functionality to support a clients in improving studious caring and outcomes,” pronounced Carrie O’Connell, RN, Executive Vice President of Clinical Informatics. “We support many LTACHs by a SaaS-based LTCH CARE Data Set resolution and leveraging that record to conduct occurrence stating is a extensive advantage to a clients. The electronic constraint of astonishing events and communicating such events to pivotal crew with alerts, graphing, and drill-down stating severely helps hospitals brand trends and proactively revoke occurrences with early interventions. Through certain outcomes, reporting, and handling risk, a clients are a mention partner of choice in their communities.”

As an example, a occurrence government member identifies an boost in falls during a change to approach risk managers to exercise programs and interventions to diminution risk events. Our program height can promote communication of events, assisting a interdisciplinary group adjust fast and adjust diagnosis skeleton if deemed necessary.

“HCS has delivered HIT solutions given 1969 and has successfully addressed marketplace mandate opposite acute, post-acute, and behavioral health caring providers,” pronounced Thomas J. Fahey, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We continue to align a EMR procedure to a CMS Quality Reporting for larger correctness and backup support needs. As a Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 (IMPACT) expands a knowledge opposite a spectrum of post-acute care, components like Incident stating will be really critical for a clients’ success.”

About HCS

HCS provides an integrated clinical and financial IT height to some-more than 6,000 acute, post-acute, and behavioral health facilities. Since 1969 a HCS Interactant™ height has been delivering enterprise-wide and easy-to-adopt solutions for income cycle management, financial reporting, electronic medical records, mobile technology, and business intelligence.

For some-more information, revisit http://www.HCSInteractant.com or call 800.524.1038.

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