Hidrex USA Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With New Jan Promotion

Hidrex USA Tap Water Iontophoresis

There are so many others that don’t know there is a diagnosis for them, or that are not happy with a other diagnosis options available.

On Jan 1, 2016, Hidrex USA distinguished their central one-year anniversary. In Jan of 2015, a association began providing daub H2O iontophoresis, or TWI, to business pang from extreme sweating, clinically famous as hyperhidrosis.

Although Hidrex USA has done good strides in swelling information to those pang from extreme sweating, it is still a mostly underdiagnosed medical condition. Many sufferers mostly destroy to comprehend that they are pang from hyperhidrosis during all, and Hidrex USA hopes to continue swelling preparation and recognition of this medical condition that affects roughly 3% of a population.

To applaud their one year anniversary and initial success, Chris Ligi, Hidrex USA’s executive of sales, says a association is charity an online banking for a month of Jan that provides a 10% bonus on all daub H2O iontophoresis medical devices. To accept a discount, business can use a promo formula “SM10” by a company’s online store.

While these inclination are ordinarily used as hyperhidrosis treatments in Europe and other regions, daub H2O iontophoresis is reduction widely used in a United States. However, this is solemnly changing, interjection in partial to a efforts of Hidrex USA.

“In a initial year of operation, we are unapproachable to have helped hundreds of hyperhidrosis sufferers with their condition,” pronounced Ligi. “There are so many others that don’t know there is a diagnosis for them, or that are not happy with a other diagnosis options available. We demeanour brazen to giving them a better, safer, and some-more cost effective solution.”

Tap H2O iontophoresis treatments engage a amiable electrical stream that runs by water. This painless, surgery-free procession blocks a persperate ducts in a palms, feet, underarms, and other sweat-prone areas of a body. Patients can possibly accept treatments during a medical bureau or squeeze a device themselves after receiving a prescription.

The inclination are FDA authorized and one of a many common treatments for hyperhidrosis worldwide, nonetheless sojourn small famous in a United States.

In 2015, Hidrex USA adopted a two-part plan for lifting recognition of both hyperhidrosis and daub H2O iontophoresis devices. To teach consumers about this treatment, a association reached out to consumers by online selling efforts, while also demonstrating these medical products to physicians and other medical professionals by medical conferences, meetings and tradeshows. Ligi pronounced a association will serve enhance their clinical overdo in 2016.

Ligi added, “We are also vehement to have combined most some-more recognition of hyperhidrosis, as good as prominence Hidrex USA’s cost-effective, surgery-free and drug-free proceed to treating this prevalent condition.”

About Hidrex USA

Hidrex USA, LLC has partnered with Hidrex GmbH to move hyperhidrosis medical solutions to North, South, and Central America. Their Iontophoresis products are FDA approved. To learn some-more about what they have to offer, revisit hidrexusa.com.

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