High-Touch Support for People with Diabetes Now Available via…

HealthSlate LLC currently announced a launch of HealthSlate Diabetes Telehealth, that enables medical providers to offer proven diabetes preparation and support services around “virtual care.” People who are incompetent to revisit a hospital frequently can now bond with their diabetes preparation and caring organisation from anywhere, and accept a turn of high-touch support not formerly possible.

The use has been in commander contrast for several months with Cascade Health Solutions, CHI Franciscan Health, EvergreenHealth, and Providence Health Services, and has demonstrated studious rendezvous equal to or improved than is seen from in-clinic diabetes preparation programs. Based on these documented successes, several health systems in a U.S. are formulation to muster HealthSlate Diabetes Telehealth in 2016.

“We are gay to be operative with these forward-thinking medical providers, as they are enabling people with diabetes to conduct their condition in a approach that works with a unsentimental realities of their daily life,” pronounced Dan Sheeran, CEO, HealthSlate.

Sonya Kauffman Smith, RD, CDE, lead teacher for Providence says, “Members adore comforts such as unchanging check-ins around content and video chat. Having all of their dishes and blood sugarine information on a dashboard helps me know what is going on with them in genuine time.”

“CHI Franciscan Health is committed to changing a standing quo of healthcare,” pronounced Lana Adzhigirey RN MN CPHQ, Program Manager of Care Transformation, CHI Franciscan Health. “Our Diabetes Education Services, led by Katie Farrell, RD CDE, have been on a slicing corner for several years. We have witnessed first-hand how patients’ lives are incited around since services like HealthSlate Diabetes Telehealth yield them easy entrance to a support and information they need when they need it.”

HealthSlate Diabetes Telehealth includes:

  •     Personalized conversing from diabetes educators around two-way video and secure messaging.
  •     Photo-food logging. “Concierge nutritionists” assistance a consumer know what’s in their meals.
  •     Tools for formulating and achieving behavioral goals.
  •     Automatic downloads from aptness trackers, beam and glucose monitors.
  •     Educational videos and games.
  •     An online support group.

HealthSlate Diabetes Telehealth can also be integrated within a medical team, such that primary caring and specialty providers can entrance information about a patient’s self-management activities and outcomes and remotely support a studious if desired. The height is quite good matched for patient-centered caring and ongoing caring government models.

Approximately 30 million people in a U.S. have diabetes, and permitting a condition to allege rash is a vital source of health complications and cost. Diabetes self-management preparation has been proven in randomized clinical trials to assistance people improved control their condition. However, reduction than 10% of people who would advantage from these programs entrance them since they need mixed trips to a clinic, and engage practices such as food logging, that many people find formidable to hang with.

About HealthSlate LLC

HealthSlate partners with health systems and health skeleton to broach rarely individualized programs of education, function alteration and clinical support. This indication enables people who have or are during risk for ongoing illness to accept caring and support that is truly patient-centered while shortening costs to providers and payers. The company’s diabetes prevention, preparation and government products are in use during some-more than 1,000 medical comforts in a U.S. The government organisation enjoys low knowledge and proven success formulating consumer practice that expostulate prolonged tenure rendezvous and health outcomes. HealthSlate is formed in Bellevue, WA.

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