How Leading Staffing Agencies Can Quickly Fill 1,000’s of Job Orders

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software

“As direct for medical workers increases, a conflict for talent will be won by those organizations that can respond a many quick and efficiently.” – Tim Teague

In a staffing industry, time is of a hint and carrying a right record can make or mangle a company. BlueSky Medical Staffing Software, a heading provider of Software as a Service resolution in a medical staffing industry, gives staffing firms a indispensable collection to succeed. Through their new partnership with EZ Job Filler, a new breakthrough record in medical staffing, now BlueSky’s clients will be means to fill VMS pursuit assignments even faster violence out their competition.

EZ Job Filler helps automate a routine of importing pursuit orders from several pursuit aggregators. Using this new tool, agencies can simply brazen a orders from several VMS platforms to a BlueSky System around EZ Job Filler to quick stock a complement for quick claimant matching.

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software manages credentials, schedules, payments and invoicing as good as stating for a accumulation of medical providers. BlueSky continues a joining to assembly a needs of a clients by providing them with cutting-edge collection in this elaborating market, such as providing it’s users with a mobile focus and now offers a latest enhancements with EZ Job Filler.

The direct for medical staff is usually flourishing due to signing of a Affordable Care Act and a aging baby boomer generation. The latest Bureau of Labor Statistic news on stream practice shows a medical zone averaged monthly expansion of 40,000 jobs in 2015 contra 26,000 in 2014.

Consequently, Healthcare staffing has seen a proliferation of businessman government systems (VMS) and/or managed services providers (MSP) whereby jobs are many-sided and delivered in bulk to proxy agencies. These bulk orders mostly emanate new primer entrance mandate for a staffing agencies. EZ Job Filler has successfully bridged a opening between a direct for services and a best probable matches.

The record is one some-more pierce in a rejecting of vapid and oftentimes blunder disposed information entry. Tim Teague, President of BlueSky Medical Staffing Software and a maestro of a medical staffing industry, understands that record can give agencies a poignant advantage. He says, “As direct for medical workers increases, a conflict for talent will be won by those organizations that can respond a many quick and efficiently.”

EZ Job Filler is designed to maximize a user’s speed to market, while minimizing a back-office staff compulsory to enter any posted pursuit listing.

To learn some-more about this latest, belligerent violation technology, revisit a EZ Job Filler website.

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