Idyllic Weather Only Part of Package for 2016 iaedp Symposium

The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation™ (iaedp), will reason a 30th annual 2016 Symposium, Feb 17 – 21, on Amelia Island, Florida, where temperatures frequency tumble next 70 degrees Fahrenheit during a winter months.

Over 40 presentations are designed for discussion attendees, who also can select to extend their time during a discussion by signing adult for pre-conference sessions. In addition, 6 keynote speakers who are among a best-known in a eating disorders field, will benefaction during a 2016 iaedp Symposium.

This year’s Symposium facilities an endless preference of multi-discipline oriented, treatment-focused workshops to compare their information and training needs to a bland hurdles of operative with eating commotion patients. Along with a 6 renowned keynote speakers, a renowned Master Training Series and Luncheon Program and networking opportunities with peers, attendees can grasp pivotal veteran objectives on pleasing Amelia Island.

Over 29 hours of stability diagnosis preparation will take place, unmatched in a eating disorders industry. Workshops with a expertise of suspicion leaders will lead a several presentations and correlate with attendees on a state of a margin as good as rising investigate and diagnosis trends.

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About iaedp:

Since 1985, a International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation™ has supposing preparation and training standards to an general and multidisciplinary organisation of several medical diagnosis providers and assisting professions. For some-more information, go to:

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