In Vitro Fertilization: What a Doctor Didn’t Tell You in New Book

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I wish to assistance women who are embarking on this romantic tour to know that they are not alone

As author Jennifer Prudenti knows firsthand, one in 8 American couples have problem removing profound or nutritious a pregnancy according to a CDC survey. Alternative therapies like in vitro fertilization (I.V.F.) are gaining in popularity, though many stigmas and misunderstandings persist. As recently as Dec. 2015, a new investigate by a Journal of a American Medical Association suggested uninformed insights about a I.V.F process.

In One Mother’s Journey: Creating My Family Through In Vitro Fertilization, author Jennifer Prudenti writes frankly about her trail to motherhood in a hopes that it will diffuse misconceptions and commission other women. Including passages from her father Marty’s viewpoint as well, a book is a story of determination, stability and faith.

“I wish to assistance women who are embarking on this romantic tour to know that they are not alone,” Prudenti pronounced of her pregnancy. “I wish to speak about my experience; share my struggles, my fears, my insecurities, all of it.”

During a I.V.F. process, Prudenti says she remembers observant dozens of women sitting together in a watchful room and not observant a word to any other, as if they were broke to be there. At a time there were no genuine support systems in place, according to Prudenti, who felt isolated. It was there in a watchful room that she was desirous to write a book about her tour to assistance women feel some-more connected during this emotionally fatiguing process.

“Through my knowledge and my honest retelling, we wish to change a tarnish compared with I.V.F. and start an open and honest dialog about it,” Prudenti said. “My wish is that by relaying insinuate sum that people generally do not share, couples can ready themselves for a final that this tour will bleed from them should they confirm to take this route.”

One Mother’s Journey: Creating My Family Through In Vitro Fertilization

By Jennifer Prudenti

ISBN: 978-1-4908-8397-7

Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

Available on Amazon, Barnes Noble and Westbow Press

About a author

Jennifer Prudenti is an businessman whose passion lies in assisting people, quite women. She lives in Albertson, N.Y., with her husband, Marty, their children, Sophia and Michael, and a family cats, Smudgie and Sabrina. She is a mother, daughter, wife, crony and coworker. She is only like you, and her story could be anyone’s.

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