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prp therapy phoenix

PRP Therapy in Phoenix for ONLY $475! (602) 883-1939

PRP Therapy has been extraordinary for a nonoperative diagnosis of arthritis, tendonitis, vinculum repairs and sports injuries. Now usually $475!

Integrative Medical Center in Phoenix AZ is now charity platelet abounding plasma therapy injections for usually $475. Treatment is offering by a rarely gifted physician, with therapy assisting patients equivocate a need for medicine many of a time. Call (602) 883-1939 for some-more information and scheduling.

Platelet abounding plasma therapy, famous as PRP for short, is a insubordinate diagnosis that involves concentrating one’s possess blood to combine platelets and expansion factors. This usually involves a elementary blood draw, and takes approximately a half hour. The element is afterwards injected into one’s knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, bend or wherever a pain is being experienced. The diagnosis has been well-developed for a nonoperative government of tendonitis, vinculum injury, arthritis and sports injuries.

In addition, it helps call in one’s possess branch cells for correct and metamorphosis of damage. Studies to date have shown well-developed outcomes for assisting patients grasp pain service and boost function. This is good for athletes, either chosen or recreational.

Dr. Rainer Fischer offers a PRP therapy injections, with a cost being $475 for one, or $875 for dual procedures. Over 3 fourths of patients grasp glorious formula on a initial procedure, with successive procedures mostly amplifying a outcome. As an outpatient, low risk procedure, it’s been a acquire further to assisting patients indeed correct repairs as against to steroid injections that have usually been a “band-aid”.

For a tip PRP therapy in Phoenix during an extraordinary price, call (602) 883-1939.

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