Interventional Concepts and ACRES Announce Alliance for Colombia

Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES)

“Bogota welcomes ACRES-Colombia as a catalyzer to renovate a internal clinical investigate section into one that is internationally rival and aligned with ACRES’ prophesy to build a tellurian system”, pronounced Diana Gaviria, Executive Director of Connect Bogota

Interventional Concepts, a heading clinical investigate classification for innovative pharma, biotech and medtech development-stage companies proposing to control clinical trials in Colombia, and a Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a multi-sector non-profit handling in a open seductiveness and committed to transforming a tellurian clinical investigate environment, have announced a Strategic Alliance, fasten Interventional Concepts with stream ACRES Allies in their efforts to build ACRES’ common tellurian clinical investigate system.

In serve to contributing imagination to ACRES Site Accreditation and Standards Initiative (SASI), Interventional Concepts will work with ACRES and other stakeholders to emanate ACRES-Colombia, an try that will assistance couple Colombia’s clinical investigate ability and stakeholders to a world.

Interventional Concepts, dedicated to life scholarship innovation, has been providing clinical hearing regulatory, operational and logistics support given 2010 to development-stage life scholarship startup companies looking for cost-effective clinical investigate sites in Colombia able of conducting early-stage tellurian studies. Strategically located tighten to a US East Coast and pity a same time zone, Colombia has a giveaway trade agreement with a US and a predicted inhabitant regulatory pathway for clinical trials—30 days for medical inclination and 60 days for drugs, a fastest in Latin America. It has a medical infrastructure and business sourroundings required for clinical trials—including a top ranked sanatorium in Latin America, over 120 ICH GCP-certified sites and a race tighten to 50 million with concept medical coverage.

Interventional Concepts will work with Colombian institutions, organizations, and companies to set adult an ACRES inhabitant associate in Colombia. ACRES-Colombia will emanate mechanisms to foster suitable hit between ACRES and Colombian educational institutions, regulatory agencies, and veteran associations and to brand opportunities to serve rise ACRES-related initiatives. It will foster an all-encompassing complement for clinical investigate in Colombia to safeguard a quality, safety, and reliable control of trials, including site accreditation, qualification, and acceptance according to globally-acceptable standards and a communication mechanisms indispensable to residence site-specific needs.

ACRES brings together stakeholders from opposite a general clinical investigate eco-system to combine on building a much-needed, common tellurian complement for safe, high-performance, clinical research. “Efforts to raise clinical investigate ability and peculiarity in Latin America are really exciting, and Colombia has stepped brazen to take a heading role. We are gay to be operative with a colleagues there given a tellurian complement usually works if it embraces, mobilizes and unifies internal resources,” remarkable Greg Koski, ACRES Co-founder and CEO.

Julio G. Martinez-Clark, Interventional Concepts’ Chief Executive Officer stated, “We demeanour brazen to regulating a knowledge and imagination to serve allege a general enlargement of ACRES try to emanate a collaborative tellurian complement for clinical investigate into Colombia; a initial ACRES beginning in Latin America!”

“Bogota welcomes ACRES-Colombia as a catalyzer to renovate a internal clinical investigate section into one that is internationally rival and aligned with ACRES’ prophesy to build a tellurian complement for value in clinical investigate formed on a values of Integrity, inclusiveness, creation and implementation,” pronounced Diana Gaviria, Executive Director of Connect Bogota.


The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) is a non-profit multi-sector fondness operative in a open interest. It brings together different stakeholders opposite clinical research, harnesses their imagination to collaboratively build an open, integrated tellurian complement formed in beliefs of Accountable Research™ and adapts lessons from industries that successfully implemented beliefs of systems and reserve engineering, such as transportation, communications and information technology. For serve information greatfully contact: Mary F. Tobin, PhD, Special Advisor to a President and CEO during mtobin(at)acresglobal(dot)net.

About Interventional Concepts

Interventional Concepts is a agreement investigate classification (CRO) for innovative life sciences startup companies looking to control their clinical trials in Colombia. It provides investigate pattern and operational support services such as site selection, hearing set-up, investigate plan management, regulatory management, logistical management, studious recruitment, techno or pharmacovigilance, medical reserve monitoring, adjudication of inauspicious events, and investigate monitoring. For serve information greatfully contact: Julio G. Martinez-Clark, President CEO, during jmclark(at)interventionalconcepts(dot)net.

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