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Lightning Bolt has supposing medicine scheduling program and solutions given 2002.

With a partnership, medical staff benefit approach entrance to Imprivata Cortext within Lightning Bolt’s user interface, ensuring that they will hit a right provider when coordinating studious care.

Lightning Bolt Solutions®, a heading medical staff scheduling platform, currently announced a partnership with Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), a medical IT confidence company, integrating a scheduling program with Imprivata Cortext®, a secure communications height for healthcare. Imprivata Cortext, a healthy prolongation to Lightning Bolt’s cutting-edge technology, enables secure, accurate, and accessible communication directly from Lightning Bolt’s user interface, enabling caring teams around hospitals to urge potency and allege caring coordination.

“As a personality in secure communications, we aim to promote improved and faster communications for a customers,” pronounced Ed Gaudet, GM of Imprivata’s Cortext Products Group. “Our vital partnership with a personality in a medicine scheduling marketplace is a judicious step toward streamlining medical communications, and serve demonstrates a concentration on medical and clinical communications.”

More than 80 percent of medical providers have certified to communicating with colleagues insecurely, according to a consult by a Ponemon Institute, that can outcome in HIPAA penalties of adult to $1.5 million per year. Endorsed for secure messaging by a American Hospital Association, Imprivata Cortext is a many extensive vital resolution for secure physician-to-nurse communications opposite mixed sites and for out-of-network providers, according to a new report from KLAS. Lightning Bolt schedules adult to 5,000 medical staff opposite 60 departments within a singular medical organization, shortening time spent on report building by adult to 90 percent. With a partnership, medical staff benefit approach entrance to Imprivata Cortext within Lightning Bolt’s user interface, ensuring that they will hit a right provider when coordinating studious care. Centralized entrance to a report around desktop, inscription or mobile device enables secure and fit communication for all caring providers bettering to new standards for caring coordination.

“For some-more than a decade, medical enterprises have employed Lightning Bolt to optimize their scheduling workflow with rule-based report auto-generation, and to settle a centralized report as a source of truth,” pronounced Suvas Vajracharya, owner and CEO of Lightning Bolt Solutions. “By partnering with Imprivata, another personality in health IT solutions for hospitals, a clients will be means to optimize scheduling by not usually looking adult who is scheduled during a moment, though also by contacting a scheduled provider with HIPAA-compliant messaging.”

Imprivata and Lightning Bolt Solutions will horde a corner webinar to yield a proof of a formation on Friday, Nov 20 during 10:00 a.m. PST/1:00 p.m. EST. The webinar will be led by Suvas Vajracharya with Imprivata executives accessible for QA. To register for a webinar, visit:

About Imprivata

Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), a medical IT confidence company, provides medical organizations globally with a confidence and temperament height that delivers authentication management, quick entrance to studious information, secure communications, and certain studious identification. Imprivata enables caring providers to firmly and well access, communicate, and covenant studious health information to residence vicious correspondence and confidence hurdles while improving capability and a studious experience. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

To learn some-more about Imprivata Cortext and how it is being used by heading hospitals and health systems revisit

About Lightning Bolt Solutions, Inc.

Lightning Bolt Solutions® is a heading provider of medical staff scheduling technology. Founded in 2002, a association has grown low domain imagination in a areas of medicine workflow, sanatorium operations, appurtenance training and veteran balance. Lightning Bolt is a devoted resolution for U.S. and general hospitals operative to align a interests of their physicians and comforts to broach glorious studious care. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

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