Mountainside Medical Equipment to be Authorized Narcan® Nasal…

Mountainside Medical Equipment Authorized Distributor of Narcan® Nasal Spray

Martin Zarnock, Jr. of Mountainside Medical Equipment with Jason Jones of Adapt Pharma, Inc.

Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc., an general indiscriminate retailer of medical reserve and equipment, is gratified to announce that effective Jan 12, 2016 an agreement has been done with Adapt Pharma of Radnor, Pennsylvania to be one of a name organisation of distributors carrying Narcan® Nasal Spray. Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc. will be certified to discharge via a United States.

Narcan® Nasal Spray gained quick lane capitulation by a FDA and was strictly authorized for sale in a United States on Nov 18, 2015. Naloxone Hydrochloride, famous ordinarily by a code name Narcan®, is used to negate opioid overdose providing a profitable life-saving apparatus to initial responders and others during risk. Prior to a recover of Narcan® Nasal Spray, many of a accessible options compulsory injection or a public of mixed components before to administration.

The insubordinate new Narcan® Nasal Spray provides simplified administration of a 4mg sip of Naloxone Hydrochloride creation administration faster, safer, some-more effective, and reduction disposed to error.

Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc. is a secretly hold medical supply and apparatus wholesaler located in Marcy, NY committed to providing a many modernized and effective medical technologies via a United States and tellurian markets.

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