New Small Size Actuator Family Offers Through-Hole Design and…

BEI Kimco Voice Coil Actuator Family with Through-Hole Design

Designing apertures into a VCA family is a new instance of how BEI Kimco continues to arise products to accommodate rising OEM needs.

In sequence to facilitate assemblies and save space, a series of OEMs looking for a approach to insert their apparatus directly by a Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) is on a arise for medical, scientific, and methodical laboratory instruments. In response to this augmenting demand, BEI Kimco has introduced a family of linear unhoused VCAs with orifice sizes of 15mm, 20mm, and 24.9 mm. The through-hole pattern allows an OEM public to pass directly by a center of a actuator, ensuing in reduced weight, fewer tools and a some-more compress product overall.

Available in 3 customary models, a new troops and medical class actuators offer a ruggedized peculiarity and continuance vicious to many forms of industrial applications. Auto focusing apparatus to support medical and other lab apparatus that use lasers, lights, wires, lenses, or tubes filled with gas or liquid can be extrinsic directly by a VCA orifice to save profitable space in parsimonious designs. With capabilities for low out-gassing, these VCAs are also good matched for visual instruments where it is vicious to forestall film from building adult on lens or glass.

Additional space-savings over a through-hole pattern is achieved with actuator sizes that magnitude as tiny as 1.5” (38.1mm) in hole and 1.56” (39.6mm) in length (at mid-stroke). Other product opening facilities embody sum strokes trimming from 0.25” to 0.45” and rise army of 14 Lbs. to 45.2 Lbs. respectively.

“Designing apertures into a VCA family is a new instance of how BEI Kimco continues to arise products to accommodate rising OEM needs,” says Jim McNamara, BEI Kimco Application Engineer. “BEI Kimco provides serve fine-tuning customization of a customary products to capacitate even some-more pointing in accurately relating specific OEM pattern requirements.”

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About BEI Kimco

BEI Kimco specializes in a pattern and make of high opening rotary and linear suit components, including Brushless DC Motors and Voice Coil Actuators. These products are designed for applications where performance, precision, and trustworthiness are critical. Using exclusive captivating pattern methodologies, BEI Kimco has a ability to furnish custom, cost fit products within mixed production locations. BEI Kimco is a personality in medical, industrial, aerospace invulnerability markets.

BEI Kimco is a code of Sensata Technologies.

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