NutriSavings and FreshDirect Partner to Reward Consumers for…

Leading nourishment advantage module NutriSavings now announced their partnership with online uninformed food grocer FreshDirect to emanate financial incentives for NutriSavings members who squeeze better-for-you dishes including produce, gaunt protein and whole grains on

NutriSavings is a digital height and mobile app that enables employees and their families to allege their nutritive recognition and accept disdainful money behind rewards when they squeeze healthy items. The module uses a worldly scoring complement to brand better-for-you dishes and motivate shoppers to boost their healthy selling behaviors. FreshDirect is a initial online grocer to partner with NutriSavings joining consumers who use both services for rewards and discounts formed on their selling behavior.

“We’re vehement to work with NutriSavings,” pronounced Chris Woodard, Senior Director of Retention and Loyalty, FreshDirect. “We know consumers wish fresh, whole, healthful dishes but a con of going to a supermarket. The partnership with NutriSavings helps them get one step closer to putting a healthy, tasty dish on a list while rewarding them in a process.”

“Working with FreshDirect is a ideal instance of how companies can foster healthier lifestyles together and try slicing corner ways to advantage a health standing of America,” pronounced Jeremy Doak, NutriSavings Vice President. “It speaks to a incomparable trend of grocery stores operative with outward tech-driven organizations to teach their shoppers when it comes to creation intelligent choices in a aisle, or in FreshDirect’s case, online.”

FreshDirect now serves 5 states in a Northeast including larger New York City and Philadelphia metro areas. The NutriSavings module is accessible to authorised participants who can pointer adult for wellness advantages by their employer or health devise provider.

About FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a heading online uninformed food grocer in a U.S., delivering reward peculiarity fresh-from-the-farm dishes and brand-name groceries directly to a doors of business in a larger New York, New Jersey, Connecticut metro areas and larger Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, including Delaware. With singular relations with suppliers and farmers around a world, FreshDirect focuses on providing business with a best-tasting, freshest, top-quality dishes and meals. Additionally, FreshDirect’s research, development, and prolongation trickery creates and innovates a some-more than one thousand singular dishes and baked products constructed in residence daily by a group of chefs. FreshDirect aspires to be a valued corporate partner in all communities in that it serves, and works extensively with mixed free and village partners. For some-more information, revisit Follow FreshDirect on Twitter: @freshdirect, Facebook:, and Instagram.

About NutriSavings

NutriSavings is an online ecosystem where employers, health plans, food and libation companies, and furnish growers join army to teach a American workforce and their families on correct nutrition, while assisting to revoke a huge costs compared with plumpness and ongoing illnesses. The NutriSavings module is a initial quantifiable nourishment advantage resolution that is designed to change selling function and incentivize healthy food purchases by rewarding members for their healthy behavior. For some-more information, greatfully hit info(at), or revisit Follow NutriSavings on Twitter: @nutrisavings, Facebook:, and Youtube:

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