PatientPay Cuts Time-to-Pay from Weeks to Days After First Year of Use…

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“PatientPay has reduced a time to collect from months to days.” – WHC’s Janine Jones

PatientPay, a heading provider of medical remuneration solutions, currently disclosed that given Women’s Health Care Group of PA(WHC) started regulating a paperless billing solution, it has condensed a time to accept payments from patients to reduction than 9 days, on average. In a process, it has cut a billing losses by 30 percent.

Prior to implementing a PatientPay solution, WHC had to endure a remuneration cycle that mostly ran months and but resolution. WHC’s Janine Jones explains that with PatientPay’s solution, once a patient’s word is adjudicated, a studious receives an email a subsequent day and creates a remuneration days after formed on WHG results. “If a studious perceived a paper statement, it would not have even printed until days after that. PatientPay has reduced a time to collect from months to days.”

Research into this area by a Medical Group Management Association found that on normal 3 paper monthly statements are released before any remuneration is perceived by medical practices.

“The enlargement of High Deductible Health Plans is carrying a critical impact on vast medical groups’ ability to conduct their comment receivables,” pronounced Tom Furr, PatientPay’s CEO. “Before these skeleton became a norm, groups like WHC could count on word companies providing 90 percent of their revenue. The new skeleton have altered that to 50 percent, with a remaining financial requirement being a patient’s responsibility.”

“We have seen first-hand that if medical consumers don’t know their bills, they won’t compensate them. Delayed payments to medical groups have a serious outcome on their money upsurge and by extension, their ability to work successfully,” Furr said.

PatientPay’s e-bill fortitude gives medical groups a billing routine that’s good for their patients and helps get them paid faster, speeding adult money flow. PatientPay solutions offer medical groups a approach to improved control business losses and give patients bills they can know in a secure, agreeable environment. PatientPay is a usually paperless check compensate use that matches charges with a patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and all out-of-pocket payments finished before to billing by a studious possibly during a revisit or afterwards.

As a approach outcome of implementing PatientPay, WHC achieved a 30 percent cost-savings by expelling a series of expenses, including paper, copy and postage. In addition, time a business staff spent on billing was reduced as PatientPay automates several stairs that were formerly finished manually and disposed to error.

WHC, formed in Oaks, Pennsylvania, is comprised of 25 divisions, with 45 locations via Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties.

About PatientPay e-billing

To perspective a video that explains a advantages of Patient Pays e-billing use click here:How PatientPay Works

About PatientPay

.PatientPay creates studious remuneration solutions that assistance patients, practices and hospitals and income cycle government services improved control losses in today’s medical environment.

Its solutions produce larger operational and financial potency for medical providers while giving patients a elementary approach to conduct their healthcare-related financial obligations. The billing, remuneration and stating services are HIPAA and PCI Level 1 agreeable and discharge time-intensive, error-prone, primer back-end efforts to routine and determine paper bills or conduct a normal online portal.

PatientPay was founded in 2008 to move to medical consumers a same form of remuneration solutions they use in sell and e-commerce environments. In 2012 PatientPay was postulated 3 patents (U.S. Patent Nos. 8,155,983, 8,204,764 and 8,214,233) for a innovative routine that underpins a solutions, that can be integrated with any medical government software.

The association is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. For some-more information, greatfully revisit or call (888) 730-9374.

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