Perimeter Plastic Surgery in Atlanta Now Offering $200 Off Combined…

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The treatments can be achieved together in a bureau in reduction than an hour. The injections do not harm and there is no downtime.

Atlanta’s Perimeter Plastic Surgery is now charity $200 off to patients when they have both a Kybella® diagnosis and a Botox® diagnosis administered during a same appointment. This special will run by Jun 30, 2016.

“The treatments can be achieved together in a bureau in reduction than an hour,” says Mark Deutsch, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon and executive of Perimeter Plastic Surgery. “The injections do not harm and there is no downtime.”

Dr. Deutsch says Kybella® and Botox® are both glorious products, though any have singular properties and offer opposite purposes.

Kybella® is a initial and usually FDA-approved non-surgical diagnosis designed to urge a coming of submental fullness, ordinarily famous as double chins. It is a fake form of deoxyhycholic acid, a naturally-occurring piece in a physique that helps to absorb, metabolize and destroy fat. Kybella® is injected into a neck and chin area to minimize a double chin and inspire a some-more youthful, sculpted contour over a array of sessions.

Botox® is an FDA-approved non-surgical diagnosis injected into muscles to temporarily revoke or discharge scowl lines, front creases, crow’s feet nearby a eyes and thick bands in a neck. Botox® works by relaxing a muscles that means fold formation.

“As with any cosmetic procedure, I’d suggest that anyone deliberation an injectable diagnosis come to my bureau for a consultation,” says Dr. Deutsch. “I’ll explain what any diagnosis can do and assistance we confirm what’s right for you. If you’re endangered about a volume of fat underneath your chin and you’d also like alleviate your jawline or diminution your scowl lines, we might really good be a claimant for both Kybella® and Botox®.”

Dr. Deutsch encourages Atlanta area residents who are meddlesome in Kybella® and Botox® to report a nominal conference before JUNE 30 so they can take advantage of a $200 off special. Appointments can be requisitioned by job Perimeter Plastic Surgery during 404-255-0886.

About Perimeter Plastic Surgery:

Dr. Mark Deutsch is a owner of Perimeter Plastic Surgery and a tip cosmetic surgeon in Atlanta. He is house approved by a American Board of Plastic Surgery, and performs a accumulation of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. In further to his work in a United States, he travels annually to South America to perform proffer procedures. For some-more information about Dr. Deutsch and Perimeter Plastic Surgery, greatfully revisit

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