Precertification Courses a Convenient Addition during a 2016 iaedp™…

The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp) are featuring precertification courses for professionals during a 2016 iaedp Symposium on Feb 17-21 during a Omni on Amelia Island, Florida.

For some-more information and to register for a precertification courses and a 2016 iaedp Symposium, go to

Previously charity in a self-paced, online format, a courses are supposing in a two-day, 12-hour lane during a 2016 iaedp Symposium. Beginning on Wed., Feb 17, and final on Thurs., Feb 18, a march is charity as a apart lane for $250 or total with a Symposium 2016 registration for an additional $125. All other prerequisites for acceptance per education, experience, supervision, and successful execution of a created hearing apply. Course titles are: Overview of Eating Disorders, Treatment Modalities, Nutritional Aspects of Eating Disorders, and Medical Aspects of Eating Disorders. Each march is a three-hour workshop.

For gifted eating disorders professionals who qualify, this module is a pathway to a acceptance process. The module also offers professionals new to a margin or who do not specialize in eating disorders an event for a many extensive training with a stream overview of eating commotion diseases and eating commotion diagnosis approaches.

Prior to a start of a Symposium, any three-hour category is presented by eating commotion professionals obvious in a margin who offer on iaedp’s Advisory Board.

“A professional’s time is valuable, that is because we grown a two-day live format for presenting a classes during a annual symposium,” pronounced Bonnie Harken, Managing Director during The iaedp Foundation. “By charity a march before to a annual Symposium, professionals are means to accomplish as most as probable during a time spent during a time of a Symposium.”

About iaedp:

Since 1985, a International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation has supposing preparation and training standards to an general and multidisciplinary organisation of several medical diagnosis providers and assisting professions. For some-more information, go to:

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