Recovery Advocate Conquers Appalachian Trail Raising $20,000 in…

Phil “Right Click” Valentine on Mount Katahdin

I trust people in liberation from ethanol and other obsession go on and do surprising things. we am usually one example.

Phil Valentine, 55 yeas old, in liberation from ethanol and heroin obsession given 1987 and a CCAR worker for a final 17 years was famous as “Right Click” on a Appalachian Trail since of his clicking right knee. Valentine started his trek accurately 5 years from a day he perceived a theatre 4 cancer diagnosis. While recuperating from an assertive and successful chemotherapy and deviation diagnosis regimen, Valentine sensed a call to travel a Appalachian Trail, a attainment that eventually would take 189 days to achieve.

Two years before to his start, a CCAR Board of Directors had a surprising nonetheless desirous foreknowledge to entirely support a walk. Valentine has warranted an general repute as a personality in a new liberation advocacy movement. A devise was launched for Valentine to use this tour to “put a face on recovery”, one of a movement’s executive themes. He lifted supports for a organization, generating some-more than $20,000. Valentine framed it this way, “I trust people in liberation from ethanol and other obsession go on and do surprising things. we am usually one example.”

His swell adult a easterly seashore was good tracked by Facebook, chatter and Instagram and on a dedicated website When he reached Connecticut in July, his story was featured on Fox 61, WFSB TV3 and in a Hartford Courant. Vermont Public Radio also ran a story.

By Valentine’s account, a route itself was intensely difficult. He drew on his liberation knowledge to accept a route as it came and in a many perplexing circumstances, modernized usually one step during a time. Valentine endured snow, sleet, rain, lightning, breeze and high summer heat. He saw his share of wildlife and sighted 15 opposite bears and 4 moose; there’s a print on Instagram of Valentine, a mom bear and 2 cubs with a heading of “The fugitive 3-bear selfie!”

I listened Valentine pronounce during a new event. A means open speaker, Valentine artfully removed many adventures. From supernatural recovering to fraudulent traverses, he endured a earthy fee on his physique that enclosed weight detriment of 56 pounds, painful muscles, stroke joints, rashes, blisters, sprains and scrapes. He highlighted a speak with miraculous photographs that emphasized a ideal beauty of a Appalachian Trail. Valentine had a support of his family. His mother Sandy supposing route sorcery along a way. His 18-year-old daughter Samantha hiked 280 miles in Virginia with him and warranted a route name “Tough Love”. Matthew “Riptide” Valentine (age 13) did some-more than 100 miles with him in Vermont. Valentine also talked about a romantic and mental highlight of vital on a route for 6 months.

“Near a end, my essence was constantly during fight with dual competing desires – a enterprise to finish and a enterprise to go home. Standing on Wildcat Mountain in New Hampshire with usually 300 miles left, we wanted to quit. In fact, in my head, we did quit. we called Sandy to come collect me up.”

But he did not. Through what Valentine described as boundless intervention, he found a bravery and a will to continue. The travel culminated on Sep 23rd, 2015 on a brilliant, perfect, balmy day when he climbed Mount Katahdin in Maine. For Right Click, a romantic end was not on a limit though when he collapsed into Sandy’s arms watchful during a base.

“I didn’t feel an strenuous clarity of feat or accomplishment. All we felt was relief; we finally got to go home”, Valentine pronounced from a comfort of his home.

When asked how he did it, Valentine mused, “I’m not sure. Three months later, we still have a tough time desiring we did it. First, credit has to go to God. Second, we never would have done it but my “crew”, people we grew to love. Third, we trust liberation creates all things possible.”

Valentine is now operative on a book about his adventure. In a meantime he speaks about a tour whenever he can.

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