Rick Fernandez Releases ‘An Uncharted Desert Isle’

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The bulk of severe conduct injury sufferers ranges from 17 to 25 years old. Rick Fernandez wants to widespread a summary – that brain injury is not irreparable. His latest book recover “An Uncharted Desert Isle” (published by AuthorHouse) serves as a roadmap on how he survived and let any chairman comprehend it is possible.

He had private shifting Fiberglas doors from a three-wheel genocide trap and his conduct suffered 3 forceful impacts to a pavement. He mislaid count after that. He was in a state of coma for 67 days, confirmed a high fever, bled internally and acquired pneumonia. He had a devalue detonate damaged in dual locations on a femur bone, extending outward his skin.

“I am a walking covenant as to what integrity can do. we could never have finished it though a faith of others. More importantly, we had faith in myself,” Fernandez says.

Right from a commencement of his rehabilitation, he finds fun due to a fact that his incapacity did not control his life. Fernandez felt it needed to let others know how he did it by his book “An Uncharted Desert Isle.”

“An Uncharted Desert Isle”

By Rick Fernandez

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 260 pages | ISBN 9781434360328

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 260 pages | ISBN 9781434337382

Available during Amazon and Barnes Noble

About a Author

In his youth, Rick Fernandez never aspired to do much. However, he has now performed his Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and his Certificate in Gerontology. Fernandez has worked for 10 years aiding seniors. He has worked alongside a infirm Marine for 5 years, assisting him adjust to his disabilities after pang a large conduct damage in a Gulf War. Fernandez had to leave a pronounced position in northern California to support his comparison hermit in a South who recently upheld away, as did his mother dual years prior. The integrate had engaged hepatitis C during a sanatorium where they worked. They could not endure a medication, so they had to stop. Fernandez had engaged a same germ, though he is marinated after a integrate months of pills due to a new remedy now. Such is life.

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