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Peyman Ghasri, MD, Dermatologist

Peyman Ghasri, MD

It is not mostly that sugarine is found to have health benefits. In fact, extreme sugarine expenditure has been related to weight gain, insulin resistance, dental disease, obesity, liver disaster and some forms of cancer. However, new investigate has suggested that a specific form of healthy sugarine might assistance in a conflict opposite melanoma. San Fernando Valley dermatologist Dr. Peyman Ghasri comments on this new investigate about diet and skin cancer.

The singular sugar, that is found in mushrooms, seeds, seaweeds and some other forms of food, is called L-fucose. When scientists adjust a metabolism of L-fucose, they are means to stop a metastasis of cancer tumors and change a cells around a expansion to make a cancer reduction means to means itself. According to a research, L-fucose is used by a physique to approach dungeon emigration and vigilance inflammation. Researchers found that when cancer cells were giveaway of L-fucose, they were some-more mobile and some-more expected to metastasize. By adding a special sugarine to a H2O of mice, researchers were means to stop both expansion expansion and metastasis. Additionally, adding this special sugarine might also assistance kindle a expansion of new defence cells.

Dr. Ghasri offers melanoma skin cancer screenings and treatments as good as extensive skin caring trimming from acne and Botox to dermal fillers and laser treatments. “Dr. Ghasri takes honour in sketch on his artistic creativity gained by his singular training. His special seductiveness is in surgical dermatology as good as several cosmetic procedures particularly in facial contouring, utilizing a suitable soothing hankie fillers and Botox in multiple with lasers,” his group explained.

About Dr. Peyman Ghasri, Mohs Surgeon San Fernando Valley

Dr. Ghasri is a connoisseur of UCLA and UC Irvine School of Medicine. He finished his residency during UC Irvine and has given been an active researcher. His work has been published in a accumulation of peer-reviewed journals, and he has presented during a general assembly of a American Society for Laser Medicine Surgery. Today, Dr. Ghasri is a member of a American Society of Mohs Surgery, a diplomate of a American Board of Dermatology and a associate of a American Academy of Dermatology and a American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.


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