Seniors Guide’s Seniors Got Talent Winners Announced

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Reaching out to internal media, TV news, and newspapers works helps to get a word out

The winners of this year’s SENIORS GOT TALENT have been announced on Seniors Guide’s website, and a retirement and aging apparatus is crediting a loyalty of electorate in assisting to select a winners.

“This year we had a many singular votes for all 3 winning videos”, says Jeff Hartman, Strategist for Seniors Guide Magazine and

“Fans voted, and they came behind bland to continue to opinion for their favorite videos,” says Hartman.

Beginning in 2011, Seniors Guide’s annual SENIORS GOT TALENT was combined to prominence a vibrancy of being comparison – and to uncover that age is only a number.

Winners of past year’s SENIORS GOT TALENT have enclosed retirement communities in Lynchburg, nursing homes and apartment communities in Ohio and Kentucky, as good as eccentric adults ages 55+ who have submitted videos showcasing their talents to win.

“The many successful talent videos are a ones where a many people share them with friends, families, and other meddlesome viewers online”, says Hartman. “Reaching out to internal media, TV news, and newspapers works helps to get a word out”. “It provides a great, feel-good square on a internal dusk news”, says Hartman.

Cash prizes are awarded to a winners: $1,000 for 1st place; $500 for 2nd place; $250 for 3rd place.

For a full list of 2015 winners and to watch videos, revisit

Seniors Guide’s 2016 SENIORS GOT TALENT starts this Summer, meddlesome contestants are speedy to contention their videos today.

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