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Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc. announces Michael Sullivan as a initial Associate Board Member

My training disabilities helped me to persevere and surpass in school, to consider outward a box. Why shouldn’t we request my singular believe and ability set to hurdles confronting a segment and a state?

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc. elects Anne Ford, obvious author and children’s disciple to a Honorary Board. Michael Sullivan, a cum laude graduate, Binghamton University in New York, also joins a nonprofit as a initial Associate Board Member. In 2009, he perceived a Smart Kids Youth Achievement Award for overcoming his struggles with dyslexia and other training incapacity issues.

Anne Ford, daughter of Henry Ford II, is a best-selling author of 4 books. Her first, Laughing Allegra, is a memoir. It depicts a hurdles and fun of lifting her daughter, Allegra, who has serious training disabilities. Her latest book, The Forgotten Child: If She Is Special, What Am I?, talks about a issues relatives face as they try to change a needs of a child with training disabilities and a needs of their other children.

Turning her possess struggles into certain action, Anne Ford became a clever disciple not usually for her possess child though for all children with training disabilities (LD). For 12 years, she served as Board Chairman of a National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD). She also became, and still is, an zealous orator on LD issues, addressing schools, radio and TV audiences, companies and inhabitant conferences.

“I have prolonged dignified a work of Smart Kids with LD,” reported Anne Ford. “I trust strongly in their goal to commission relatives so they can, in turn, assistance their children. we am gratified to turn an Honorary Member of their Board.”

Anne Ford joins 3 other Honorary Members of a Board – Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy; Benjamin Powers, Headmaster, Eagle Hill School Southport; and Henry Winkler, award-winning actor, director, author and Honorary Board Chairman.

Michael Sullivan brings an heterogeneous credentials to his purpose as a initial Associate Board Member of Smart Kids with LD. In fact, he usually recently started his initial pursuit as a GIS researcher (Geographic Information Systems). However, he has spent his whole life assisting others, notwithstanding his possess hurdles with dyslexia, engine coordination and other issues.

At age 10, he assimilated “Rock Wrap It Up,” an anti-poverty program, assisting to feed a bad with backstage leftovers, discovered after rope concerts. By age 12, he was an activist, starting his possess “Sports Wrap” Program during Nassau Coliseum.

Twice, he perceived a “Passback Star” Award, given by a U.S. Soccer Foundation for collecting used soccer apparatus for needy kids in Iraq and Haiti.

By age 17, he was a semi-finalist in a Intel Talent Search, a pre-college scholarship competition. He was a two-sport varsity contestant and graduated an AP academician with awards in World, European and U.S. History.

Today, he is a cum laude connoisseur of Binghamton University. Further, he has a master’s grade from Lehman College, graduating with a 3.9 GPA.

His college career represents his farrago of interests:

  •     Student Mentor for Johnson City Mentors Program
  •     USSF Certified Referee for Long Island Soccer Referees Association
  •     HEP-GIS Intern for USDA Forest Service
  •     GIS Intern for Division for Ocean Affairs and Law of a Sea, United Nations

“My learning disabilities helped me to persevere and surpass in school,” pronounced Michael T. Sullivan. “They forced me to consider outward a box. That valid an advantage in my pursuit talk as a GIS researcher with a Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG).”

He added. “Why shouldn’t we request my singular believe and ability set to hurdles confronting a segment and a state?”

Jane Ross, Executive Director for Smart Kids with LD, agrees. “We are really advantageous to enroll a assistance of both Anne Ford and Michael Sullivan,” she said. “Both are clever advocates of a mission, formed on first-hand knowledge. Each brings new perspectives to assistance beam a organization’s work.”

About Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc. is a Westport-based nonprofit classification dedicated to lenient a relatives of children with training disabilities (LD) and courtesy necessity disorders (ADHD) around a educational programs, award-winning website and blog, and giveaway e-newsletter during The classification also educates a open about these children’s gifts and talents. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is an Honorary Board member and Henry Winkler, Golden Globe award-winning actor, executive and author, serves as a organization’s Honorary Chairman.

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