Texas Fertility Center Welcomes New IVF Lab Scientific Director…

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD

We trafficked 7,305 miles to Auckland, New Zealand to move home a High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director named Tex

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD, has assimilated Texas Fertility Center as a systematic director. In his new post, VerMilyea will manage all IVF lab procedures as good as continue his investigate efforts into a rising technologies of bud development, DNA investigate and flood preservation.

“We trafficked 7,305 miles to Auckland, New Zealand to move home a High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director named Tex,” says Dr. Thomas Vaughn, owner of Texas Fertility Center. “His endless credentials in embryology and ongoing investigate efforts are in sync with a innovations that Texas Fertility Center strives to offer patients to urge their flood and strengthen a health of a subsequent generation.”

The embryologists in Austin are vicious to a success of each patient’s diagnosis , from simple flood contrast to modernized services such as preimplantation genetic screening and bud growth assessment. VerMilyea is good versed to request a energy of rising technologies as he continues a tradition determined by Tom Turner, Austin IVF’s timid lab director, of stability to rouse Texas Fertility Center’s high standards.

IVF Lab Scientific Director Has Texas Roots

VerMilyea was innate in Laredo, Texas and attended Cornell University before earning a PhD in genetics from The University of Birmingham, School of Medicine, Institute of Biomedical Research, Birmingham, U.K.

“Growing adult in a limit city of South Texas, we am perpetually beholden to my parents, educators and coaches who speedy me to go to an Ivy League university,” says VerMilyea.

After completing his PhD, he stretched his believe as a investigate associate in Kobe, Japan and Birmingham, U.K. and in educational posts during a University of Pennsylvania, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) and Auckland University (New Zealand).

VerMilyea says: “My many tellurian practice have supposing me with a skill-set that we am penetrating to put to use for a patients of Texas Fertility Center. we am really advantageous to have had opportunities to work and investigate all over a universe and we demeanour brazen to requesting my believe to yield patients with their best possibility to turn parents.”

Tex met his mother Lucy during a University of Birmingham in a U.K., and a integrate has one daughter, Hailey Rose, as good as another baby on a way. The VerMilyea family is settling into their new Austin home, where we competence find Tex posterior his many hobbies, including selected automobile restoration, welding, gardening, fishing and grilling.

About Texas Fertility Center

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