The First Non-12-Step Outpatient Program of Its Kind: Making Recovery…

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“Alcohol diagnosis for a 21st century.”

Alternatives Behavioral Health is gratified to announce a new Non-12-Step Intensive Outpatient Program commencement Jan 2016.

Alternatives offers a surpassing model shift, a initial of a kind, for clients struggling with alcohol, drugs, or cryptic behaviors. This is not a 12-Step program. It’s a skill-building complement formed on any client’s goals.

“Spending several weeks during an quadriplegic rehab can be expensive,” says Marc Kern, Ph.D., Co-founder and Director of Clinical Services. “Our outpatient module provides a event for clients to accept a same benefits, in a organisation setting, during an affordable cost and though a invasive time commitment.”

“This is alcohol diagnosis for a 21st century,” says Adi Jaffe, Ph.D., Co-founder and Executive Director. “We yield clients a scholarship and record formed resolution for their recovery. Our innovative module helps clients retrieve trust in themselves. They will learn a reason behind their behaviors and how to self-manage them within a village of like-minded individuals.”

Evening hours (6:00pm-9:00pm) are accessible to accommodate professionals. Call 888-532-9137 for some-more information.

Alternatives Behavioral Health uses groundbreaking technology, including 24/7 ethanol monitoring, and teaches clients how to self-manage their addictions and discharge a compared problems. Its exclusive Bio-Affect Management (“BAM”) diagnosis complement is evidence-based and teaches clients to commend a attribute between biological factors, romantic issues, and repeated self-destructive behaviors.

Program starting weekly commencement Jan 2016. Hurry! Limited enrollment is available, though we can start during any time.


Marc Kern, Ph.D.

Director of Clinical Services


Alternatives Behavioral Health

822 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite 300

Los Angeles, CA 90035


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