The Marfan Foundation Launches New Mobile App for Healthcare…

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Marfan DX is an critical evidence apparatus for medical providers…since early showing is one of a many critical ways to equivocate life-threatening complications in these patients.

The Marfan Foundation announced currently a launch of Marfan DX, a mobile phone focus to assist medical professionals in a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome and related disorders. These conditions are comprised of several facilities in mixed physique systems that, together, can supplement adult to a diagnosis that has potentially deadly complications.

Marfan DX is formed on a 2010 Revised Ghent Nosology for Marfan Syndrome, published in a Journal of Medical Genetics in 2010. It features:

  • Seven easy-to-follow formulae to establish if a principal facilities and obtuse features, total with family story and genetic testing, “add up” to a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome. Expandable content creates a formulae easy to follow.
  • Interactive Systemic Score Calculator used to cruise a obtuse characteristics of Marfan syndrome via a physique that can be pivotal in creation a diagnosis. This too has expandable content and graphics, as good as a duty for emailing formula for a studious file.
  • Interactive Z-score calculator used to establish a distance of a aorta compared to physique aspect area. This can also be emailed for a studious file.
  • Key points about a purpose of genetic contrast and family history.
  • Important information on differential diagnosis and associated disorders.
  • Helpful links and resources.

Marfan DX is an critical evidence apparatus for medical providers, generally those who do not confront many patients with Marfan syndrome or associated junction hankie disorders,” pronounced Mary J. Roman, Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine. “The focus is really easy to entrance and depicts a evil facilities concerned in calculating a systemic measure to assistance in diagnosis. In addition, a Z measure calculator allows accurate interpretation of aortic base diameters to establish either aortic increase is present. We wish this focus will promote early diagnosis of Marfan syndrome and associated disorders given early showing is one of a many critical ways to equivocate life-threatening complications in these patients.”

Diagnosis of Marfan syndrome requires a concurrent bid by several specialists. Marfan DX is not meant to reinstate clever and extensive conference among physicians and their patients, though to promote accurate care of a critical elements of a scold diagnosis.

Marfan DX is designed for all medical professionals concerned in a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome, including ubiquitous practitioners and specialists such as pediatricians, cardiologists, orthopedists, ophthalmologists, and geneticists.

Marfan DX was designed by Adam Bitterman, DO, Jeffrey Midgley, PA-C, and their company, JAMB Innovations as partial of their ongoing munificent efforts.

About Marfan Syndrome and The Marfan Foundation

Marfan syndrome is a life-threatening genetic commotion of a body’s junction tissue. It affects a heart and blood vessels, a bones, and a eyes. Knowing a signs is a pivotal to early and accurate diagnosis and life-saving treatment.

The Marfan Foundation creates a brighter destiny for everybody influenced by Marfan syndrome and associated disorders. It works tirelessly to allege research, offer as a apparatus for families and medical providers, and lift open awareness.

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