Training Programs on How to Care for a Dying Launch Jan 10th…

Physical, romantic and devout caregiving. The non-medical holistic indication of tellurian caring to support those with a top turn of believe and caring during a finish of life.

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Death is an unavoidable partial of a life journey, though that does not meant it has to be as formidable as it has been for a infancy of both patients and their desired ones over a final century.

Having worked as both a hospice and cancer helper for many of her career, O’Brien says that she has seen distant too many pang during a finish of life due to a elementary fact that we have turn so distant private from genocide being a healthy knowledge it was meant to be.

As a multitude has progressed with smashing medical advances, somehow many of us have forgot that genocide will hold any and any one of us during some indicate and someone we adore really much. The good news is that with a correct education, caring and support, finish of life can be a dedicated knowledge it was once meant to be.

There are 4 opposite Doulagivers End of Life Doula trainings. Every End of Life Doula training is built on a 3 proviso model. The Shock/Terminal Diagnosis Phase, The Stabilization Phase and The Transition Phase. Participants are taught what to design in any proviso and what non-medical interventions they can advise for comfort to support both patients and their desired ones. ” Even only by carrying a Doula benefaction and vouchsafing a family know that what they are saying is a healthy partial of a finish of life routine can make all a disproportion in a world” pronounced O’Brien.

Doula is a greek word that means non-medical chairman who gives physical,emotional and devout support to someone else. ” We grown a opposite levels of training and preparation out of a pure, organic need to support people in any turn of finish of life care. Classes operation from live events to an online finish of life doula classroom. Costs also operation from free/donation to scaled fees. “It was indispensable to make these trainings permitted and permitted to everybody who wants to take them. From anywhere in a world” pronounced O’Brien.

The initial training is The 30 Minute Complimentary Doulagivers End of lIfe Doula Training. This webinar is offering twice monthly on-line and teaches participants a 3 phases of finish of life caring and what someone can do to be of support to both a studious and a patient’s desired ones.

The second seminar is Doulagivers Level 1 End of Life Doula Community Caregiver Training. This Training is partial of The International Hospice and Palliative Care’s tellurian directory.This seminar is offering as a live, one day eventuality and also permitted in a online doula classroom. The Level 1 march covers all from what to do when someone initial gets a depot diagnosis all a approach by to when someone dies. This is a free/donation tellurian outreach. Next live training Jan 10th 3:00pm-8:00pm NYC

The third seminar is for those who wish to be Doulagivers practitioners. This is a Level 3 End of Life Doula Certification course. This march requires a pre-screening application, 30 classroom hours, a smallest of 40 hours Internship during a bedside of a dying, 4 on-site evaluations by conduct trainers, grasp examination and credentials clearance. This march can be taken on-line and in person. This march has a fee. Next live, on-line webinar array starts Jan 27th @7pm ET

The fourth seminar is for agencies and organizations wanting to move Doulagivers Level 3 End of Life approved Doulas into their practice. There is an strenuous series of people who are over a age of 65. Health caring is changing everyday. There is a extensive need to assistance teach and support families to caring for their desired ones. Hospice is a smashing holistic indication of care. The fact is that many people do not comprehend that hospice manages a care, a desired ones do a care. A charge that has been found to be strenuous both physically and emotionally to caregivers.

Agencies that offer specifically lerned Doulagivers Level 3 Certified End of Life Doulas can offer a additional support to families during this changed and mostly frightening time in their lives. Professional Doulagivers will beam a studious and desired ones by this strenuous period, permitting for a studious to be during home with a top peculiarity of life any day. It also takes many of a highlight off of a caregivers and allows them to spend changed family moments in these final weeks/ months.

Doulagivers also stay with an elder caregiver after their desired one has died for as prolonged as indispensable assisting them to re-enter a universe and assist/aide with a greiving process.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Jan 9th – 30 Minute Complimentary Webinar 8:00am ET

                                     Jan 10th – Live Doulagivers Level 1 End of Life Doula Training 3:00pm-8:00pm NYC Registration compulsory @

                                     Jan 27th – On-line Doulagivers Level 3 End of Life Doula Certification Course 7PM ET. This is a 12 week program.

                                     Mar 11th, 12th 13th Live Doulagivers Level 3 End of Life Doula Certification Course @ The Tree House New York City

                                     Apr 9th Live Doulagivers Level 1 End of Life Doula Community Caregiver Training @ Moments House Pittsfield, Massachusettes

                                     May 20th,21st 22nd Doulagivers Level 3 End of Life Doula acceptance Course @ The Tree House New York City

Pre-register for all events @ or call 845-337-0389 for pre-screening interviews for Doulagivers Level 3 End of Life Doula Certifications and group programs.

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Here is what some participants recently pronounced about The Doulagivers Level 1 Community Caregiver Live event:                                

·         Excellent pity and insights

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·         Suzanne is awesome

·         Thank we for doing this program, it was wonderful!

·         Smart, informative, really positive, energetic!

·         Suzanne was wonderful!

·         Practical and useful

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·         Useful, informative, engaging, opening adult new and lovely conversations.

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·         Thank we for creation it affordable (x2)

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