Triage Cancer Joins With Medocity to Support Cancer Patients

Triage Cancer currently announced a new partnership with Medocity, Inc. to yield profitable information and unsentimental collection about cancer survivorship on a Medocity iCancerHealth platform. This new partnership will assistance safeguard people with cancer have information about entrance to health care, diagnosis options, psychosocial care, survivorship caring formulation and other unsentimental hurdles that arise after diagnosis.

Triage Cancer works with cancer village partners, health caring professionals, and other experts to bond people to relevant, unsentimental information about cancer survivorship issues. Medocity launched iCancerHealth to yield a holistic patient-centric support to cancer patients.

“We share a common idea with Triage Cancer to commission cancer patients, survivors and caregivers in a charge of handling caring during home,” pronounced Raj Agarwal, Medocity Chief Executive Officer and President. “This partnership serve enhances a goals of charity concurrent care, rendezvous and preparation to cancer patients, and we demeanour brazen to creation a certain disproportion in their lives.”

“When someone is traffic with a cancer diagnosis, there are so many opposite things they are faced with: decisions to make and information to learn. Trying to juggle it all can be impossibly overwhelming,” pronounced Joanna Morales, Triage Cancer Chief Executive Officer. “Our idea is to yield entrance to peculiarity information about all forms of cancer survivorship issues. From a unsentimental issues of handling finances and word to a romantic and devout contentment after cancer, carrying these collection and resources empowers survivors.”

iCancerHealth is an intuitive, extensive height that bridges a opening between a hospital and a patient’s home that:

  • Enhances studious caring by providing self-care collection to Manage/ lane medications, symptoms and diagnosis devise and share swell with clinical team;
  • Guides patients and caregivers with timely illness and drug specific information; and
  • Shares and connects with a patient’s caring team, family and friends

By ancillary patients and improving communication with their caregivers and health caring teams, Medocity hopes to outcome a altogether peculiarity of support that a studious receives during and after their tour with cancer.

The use of app has been donated by Medocity to Triage Cancer for a voters and is accessible for giveaway download during a App Store, Google play and on a Web during

About Triage Cancer

Triage Cancer is a national, nonprofit classification dedicated to assisting a radically sharpening series of people with cancer, their families, caregivers, advocates, and health caring professionals successfully navigate a whole spectrum of cancer survivorship issues. Triage Cancer provides educational events, online tools, and resources, as good as hosts a inhabitant speakers business of experts in cancer survivorship. To learn more, revisit

About Medocity

Medocity’s idea is to yield a practical concurrent caring height that bridges a opening between a hospital and a patient’s home. This is achieved by handling a patient’s caring utilizing a proprietary, interactive and rules-based mobile resolution designed to rivet patients, optimize their journey, urge peculiarity of care, and effectively revoke avoidable health caring costs in a system. Our prophesy is to yield a accumulation of offerings in mixed illness states that will eventually capacitate mutation and creation of medical smoothness and studious care.

For some-more information, revisit or entrance a video beam for iCancerHealth during

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